In Focus: Meet Mohamed Ouedraogo, Model and Beach Lover

If there’s one word to describe Mohamed, it would be that he’s beautiful. He’s beautiful to look at, beautiful both in print and in motion, he’s got a beautiful smile, and yes, even the determined way he pursues his dream in life is beautiful. On top of that, Mohamed is a believer. You know, the type of person who believes in dreams and then works hard to achieve it.

What are these dreams you ask? Well, in truth, he’s already living his dream as a model. In fact, Mohamed has a host of photoshoot experiences prior to the one he did with Adam4Adam and he had previously walked the runways, too. Apart from modeling, Mohamed dreams of traveling the world which he is already doing as well by exploring one city at a time. He’s been to the romantic and dreamy island Santorini as well as in Paris and Madrid. But make no mistake, Mohamed is not just all about traveling and working; he also takes the time to hang out with his friends whether it’s to grab drinks or to hit the beach with them for fun and sun.

Today, Mohamed sat down with us to talk about dating, coming out, his message to the younger LGBTQ generation to name a few.

1. Tell us about yourself and your biggest dream in life?

  • My name is Mohamed Ouedraogo and I’m currently pursuing my dream in New York City as a male model. I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn but you can find me in Soho and Lower East Side most of the time. I’m currently obsessed with three fitness class, Y7 Yoga, Soul Cycle, and Shadow Box.

2. Name 5 words that describe you best.

  • Optimistic, Determined, Honest, Loving, Outgoing

3. What do you love to do outside of work?

  • I honestly love to workout outside of work. It seems to keep me calm and level headed in a busy city like New York City. But I also do love going out and grabbing drinks with my friends!

4. What are you looking for in a person/lover/date?

  • Just someone loving, caring, patient, trusting, and confident.

5. Are you dating someone right now? Please describe your love life using a song or movie title.

  • Not currently dating anyone.

6. What dating advice would you give to Adam4Adam users?

  • Best advice I would give is to stay true to yourself and be patient because love doesn’t always happen overnight.

7. How do you feel about nudity?

  • I think when it comes to photographing nudity I’m always open to it as long as it is done right, and doesn’t look raunchy.

8. Any quirky or fun fact about yourself?

  • Fun fact, my native language is French.

9. What’s your guilty pleasure?

  • Cookie dough ice cream and Oreos.

10. What’s on your bucket list?

  • Nothing specific but mainly to travel the world.

11. What was it like to come out to your parents?

  • Well, I have two moms, one was very easy to come out to. The other, we had a small bump in the road. But at the end of the day she came around because she loves me :).

12. What message would you give to the younger LGBTQ generation that comes after you?

  • Just that things do get better and to be patient with your family because sometimes they realize that they are being silly and at the end of the day, they love you. Also, take your time finding yourself and to be patient with yourself.

13. Was it your first time doing a photoshoot for a company?

  • No, I model currently.

14. Why do you think Adam4Adam chose you for its campaign?

  • Hopefully because I’m tall, dark, and handsome 😉 lol.

15. What projects are you working on right now?

  • Currently not working on any projects right now but that can all change within days.

16. Are you active on social media?

  • Yeah I’m mostly active on Instagram! Definitely should go check it out! @Moesph_Oreo feel free to DM me, I don’t bite ;).

17. Is there anything you would like to change in the LGBTQ community or would you like to say anything to the LGBTQ community?

  • I just feel like there is a lot of discrimination within the community and would hope in the near future that ends. How are we supposed to expect others to not be so hateful and discriminating towards us, if we aren’t doing that ourselves.

There you have it, guys! Mohamed Ouedraogo for Adam4Adam and yes, he is single. Go and visit him on Instagram (his Instagram handle is @moesph_oreo and now, you know why!) and don’t forget to swing by @Adam4Adamofficial as well. You can also find Mohamed on our new Adam4Adam app so don’t forget to download it from Google Play for Android or from iTunes Store for iOS.

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  1. Lamar

    He has beautiful face and smile and long legs to boot, ;-). I love his guilty pleasure, rich-creamy chewy and sweet w/chocolate, quite the combo, he must be very sensual-passionate, having chosen what he did, lol.

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