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Fantasy: What’s Your Fetish?

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What’s your sexual fetish, guys? Or maybe we should’ve asked you first if you have one.

We are asking because a recently conducted sex survey revealed interesting results. The study had a total of 8,776 respondents who are a combination of gay, straight, bisexual, transgender men and women to name a few.

According to the survey:

  • 36.3 percent of the respondents prefer vanilla sex and this group, they say, can only take “a playful tush pat (and there’s only a 24 percent chance they enjoy that).”
  • 24.9 percent of the respondents are over 50 percent more likely to get interested in “spanking, bondage (being tied up or doing the tying), domination/submission, and blindfolds.”
  • 20.2 percent of the respondents were found to enjoy “voyeurism, exhibitionism, and group sex.” They are also ones who are most likely into double penetration as compared to the previous group.
  • 18.5 percent of the respondents were found to be into, well, everything which means “BDSM, voyeurism, Dom/sub, double penetration, and blindfolds” But at the same time, they have a “more than 50 percent chance of being into pain and rape/intruder role-play, and a nearly 50 percent chance of being into asphyxiation and fisting.”

That being said, the most popular kinks according to this study include:

  • spanking at 60 percent
  • dom/sub at 55 percent
  • blindfolds (around 48 percent)
  • group sex (around 47 percent)
  • voyeurism (around 45 percent)
  • double penetration (almost 45 percent)
  • over 40 percent of the respondents are also into exhibitionism and BDSM correspondingly
  • around 29 percent confessed to being into rape/intruder role-play
  • 28 percent and 25 percent are into pain and uniform/sports apparel respectively
  • 12 percent and 16 percent are into feet/toes and fisting respectively.

Anyway, what about you, guys? Do you have a sexual fetish and kinky stories to share? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. Mark

    Funny as I open and see some foot worship going on, wow I love that! I love a nice pair of clean well groomed mens feet, turns me on, never really liked or understand the pain route….

    • Hannibal Hamlin

      I’m with you.

      I am REALLY vanilla. I will give a blowjob or top. That’s it. But if a guy has hot feet, I am down. I will worship their feet for hours.

      Jensen Ackles, Francisco Lachowski, Tom Webb, Rob Ryder, Michael Bublé, Hayden Christensen, The Situation, Adrian Grenier, Maluma… Jesus, I’d do anything for them simply because they have hot feet.

      It drives me nuts to see videos with shitty feet.

      • Lamar

        Adrian Grenier, DITTO, he’s just such a beautiful, sweet-sensitive handsome man. I watched a documentary about him and his family, just fell in love. I was somewhat surprised about how many well-known stars have foot fetishes. Men, mostly, but some women as well.

    • Andrew

      OMG, me too! Group sex, exhibitionism, are hot as hell — but being the center of a bukkake party is my dream too! Swallowed five loads in one night a couple of times (not sure why that’s the ‘magic number’!) and taken additional loads on my face or chest. If a guy jacks off at a group event, I’ll crawl over to who ever’s body he shot it on an suck it off… I know we have to be careful, but love getting bred too… Even like the feeling of it after its dried on my face…!

  2. Paul

    My fantasy is this and this is how I word it…Ok,let me cut to the chase..the porn I watch are aggressive bull blacks humiliating white guys, force sex and rape in basements and wooded areas or a house. If you want to be the first to fuck me that’s the deal..I know you are discreet and that’s cool, If you have a friend to bring that would be awesome but, that’s the bottom line, so we understand one another, that it’s not like I’m going to just bend over or take my clothes off because you say to.. However, you know you have to be a tough bull and humiliate me and abuse a fat white guy, so I hope you will have a plan, and if you know another black dude who’s discreet like you, then a bonus..the place this happens needs to be secure..I’ve outlined it, you just need to execute it..I’ve never had anything up my ass

  3. Ant

    I have a foot fetish. A guy with some nice looking (pedicured & smelling good) feet is right up my alley. I am a toe sucker and I will massage his feet. I am also into tickling. Love a guy with a cute laugh.

  4. Steve

    I love anonymous sex, especially with black guys and being watched, someone watching me blow or get fucked is great. The other day in the x movie house had 1 black,1 Latin and 3 white guys strip me down and cover me with oil before getting fucked

  5. Dan

    I like to put my hollow tube inside my cock and have my friend put the other hslf in his cock. Then I jackoff and shoot my load into his cock tjru the hallow tube. I then pull the tube out and suck him off, getting his load and my load out of his cock at the same time

    • sperman8r

      WOW….Now that is HOT! I never heard of a hollow tube like that, but LOVE that you can cum thru in and into your partners cock, and THEN suck him off so you can taste and swallow his cum AND YOUR CUM TOO! I love cum and used to take mine from my hand if I jacked off in a porno booth, or freeze my cum til I had a full tube and then drink/swallow it all the next time I jacked off. I LOVE cum!
      Where are you man?
      I’m in Pasadena CA

  6. Sperman8r

    Hello men. I too, love to drink CLEAR piss from a man’s dick…soft or hard, and I LOVE used beer piss the best.
    BUT, another fetish I have is this: I LOVE to lick hairy arm-pits so I can smell and taste the FRESH sweat a man has normally. I do NOT Like B.O., but I LOVE the smell and TASTE of SWEAT from a man’s arm-pits.

    Any of you men here like to have your armpits licked, send me a note ok?

  7. Thad

    Young (legal) black cock. I now have a fuck buddy who is 25, black and hung like a stallion. He can stay hard for two hours straight and cum four times in my mouth and ass without going soft. I love, love, LOVE young big black cock and cum.

    • James

      Three way with two, young, hot, horse hung, black, top guys is my biggest fantasy! Black men are so incredibly sexy to me, they seem to be just naturally sexual. when a black man slides his cock inside you, that hole belongs to him, no joke!

  8. Madame Depraved


    My fetish is wearing a pair of backless, silver, 5″ heels and dancing to ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’! How divine to swish, sashay, and queen-out. A nice matching silver, clutch-bag with a bejeweled clasp, in one hand and reaching for the pie-in-the-sky in my fabulous P-town house!

    A snood, a-la-Elizabeth Taylor with a diamond broach hanging from it and intersecting my forehead! Such divinity!

  9. Lamar

    Gotta admit, I love a pair wide-fleshy, soft, smooth, clean feet to play with, one of the worlds oldest fetishes. Additionally, hands, I notice them, like ’em big w/clean-trim nails; just like his toe-nails. Great teeth, lips, especially, with facial hair, preferably dark-hair, I love a goatee or beard-well trimmed. I think white guys have become more of a fetish, really, these days, not so much as realistic mates; seems difficult in todays fickle-politics “racial-climate.” Yeah, clearly I do indeed, have a few.

  10. John

    Ass. Smooth globes with a hole that enjoys use. I like to lick, kiss, suck and tongue fuck assholes. I enjoy any man2man sex however my cock throbs when I am eating ass. From there we can do whatever! In fact eat mine and then we can flip fuck

  11. Tony

    Drinking loads of cum and piss from one guy after another and another. I wouldn’t waste a drop. Lately been getting turned on by seeing pictures of guys in rubber with only a funnel and rubber tube on a mask where the mouth belongs. That would be an ultimate fantasy.

  12. bjjj

    As far as fetishes, I guess I’m more of a romantic type guy, love to hug and kiss, love body contact, and love just sharing each other completely in the nude. Also love groups and threesomes. Of course I love to suck and swallow, rim, and love sharing piss, (ws). (yes, I have even swallowed piss). Love fingering ass, and even licking off my dirty finger if I”m really into him. Many of you guys seem to have a fetish for black guys, especially BBCs. I love any race, white, black, or any other nationality. I know a lot of white guys have a fetish for black guys, and black guys want white men. To me skin color isn’t really that big of a deal. Yes, as many of you may know who have read my posts, I am white and my BF/lover is black. However skin color isn’t that big of a deal with either of us. What keeps us together is our love for each other, the things we enjoy doing, honesty and trustworthiness. We share and help each other out, and were always there for each other. We share our problems, lives, and our up’s and downs. Neither of us seems to care at all about our difference in race. Only on occasion does the subject come up, usually when were talking about non-accepting family and friends. Oh yea, my bf doesn’t have a BBC, it’s just average, which is fine with both of us.

  13. Jose

    Mine is not really a fetish is more of a fantasy….. I’m bi top, and I fantasize having a boyfriend, just one on the side, and that my wife accept it. Not living together ‘cause it would be akward () but living in harmony….

  14. Dan (Streetjive)

    Always wanted to have a train run on me by hung uncut black studs. Ideally with me over a table with them taking turns filling me with their loads until its more than my hole can hold. Of course being berated and insulted while this is happening.

  15. Tom

    I have a huge fetish for sexy underwear. Underwear of all genders. I also have a huge fetish to be rimmed and tongue fucked until I have a prostate orgasm.

  16. Arthur j Buldra

    Armpits love love love them. The smell of a man really turns me on so much that I’m getting a hard on just thinking about it. I also enjoy the smell of a man’s body all over the place as well ass, balls and cock

    • bjjj

      Well, lots of older guys (daddies) would love to have sex with hot looking young athletic guys (sons). It’s easy for “sons” to find daddies, but most younger guys aren’t interested in older men. Young guys can cum a lot, get nice and hard, and like to experiment sexually. Older guys, well, it takes a bit longer to get hard and cum, so most younger guys don’t want much to do with the older generation. Just go to an adult bookstore arcade, and it seems that mostly older guys are hanging around. Well say a younger guy walks in, then all the older guys will follow him hoping for some action with him. Most times the older guys are turned down, but it does happen. I must say though that there are younger guys into older men, but not very common. Just look at this website. “no one over 25, 35, 30, etc”. although a few say open to any age. The same thing plays out in the racial realm. Whites want the challenge of having sex with blacks and vice versa. If there is a group of white guys in the arcade, and in walks a black man, the white guys will follow trying to get a piece of ass. It’s all a fetish challenge. Sometimes it happens, other times not. Us older guys find a lot of comfort and love in getting to know each other, doing things together, and yes, just because one is older we still love sex with all different ages.

        • bjjj

          A point well made Lamar. Very true. With white guys it becomes a challenge to suck a black dick, or to get fucked by a black guy. Although it can work both ways, and has with me a couple of times.

  17. Mark

    Reverse Somnophelia!

    I went to a gay bar in DC. I was definitely already too inebriated but the let me in anyway. I was hanging out in the loft area and apparently someone spotted me from below. Drinks started coming my way. When he came up to introduce himself, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He invited me back to his place in Georgetown. He wanted to take a shower so I went in and laid nude on the bed. I was face down and the last thing I remembered was feeling him climb on top of me. I woke up the next morning feeling satisfied like I had never been satisfied before. We discussed the previous night. He had mounted me safely and even though I was completely out, my body was still responsive. It knew what it wanted! As it turned out, he was the true definition of horse hung. It was the most awesome experience of my life and I have arranged the same situation with others since then. Before anyone goes off on the “that is rape” tangent, I put myself there and would have done it even if I was sober. I honestly hope he sees this story and wants a replay! Thanks for reading, and stay kinky!

  18. Ron

    I am very much one that loves to Submit to Dominate Alpha Males. It is just in me and I am fully into this. Is imprinted in me to please men. No shame here at all. Love to be watched if there are others around. Being tied up or just used as I need to be.

  19. Love Undies

    Huge underwear fetish, jocks, thongs, men’s bikini breifs, worn torn, wanna swap undies? As a college kid I’d break into lockers and take jocks and underwear. oohhhhh the good ole days.

  20. ISOLTRjock

    Sweaty white athletic socks, hot jock feet, sneakers, and work boots. The aroma from a hot man’s white crew socks, “baked” all day during the summer in work boots, can be intoxicating. Best “high” I’ve ever had. A hot man’s white socked feet can be a treat to see, feel, smell, and taste. If you’ve never had a guy lick your bare feet, it can make a man moan with delight. Awesome.

    • Mark

      I am bi and have actually been with twin males that were bi as well as twin females that were bi. Also, the wife’s nephew stayed with us for awhile and took care of both of us sexually. He was a chubby guy but he was massively hung.

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