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Watch This: The Sweaty Jockstrap?

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“Three big things in 1 little fling!”

Hey, guys! Have you seen the new Gain detergent commercial? It definitely captured netizens’ attention on the social media. Others loved it, quite a few were left stunned after watching it, but some of them are calling for the ad to be pulled off the air.

The TV commercial, titled “The Sweet Smell of Defeat,” is about two boys who loved pranking their dad but this time around, the joke’s on them. The ad starts with the boys taking out their dad’s jockstrap from the latter’s duffle bag, cue a voice over who says, “The Martinez brothers have a nose for trouble.” The brothers then dumped the supposedly unwashed, smelly jockstrap on their dad’s sleeping face but instead of wrinkling his face with distaste, the dad sniffed it and smiled instead?

Ta-da! Voice over went on to explain the commercial’s twist, “Little did they know, their dad had washed that jockstrap using Gain Flings! with Oxi Boost and Febreze.”

Pranks are supposed to be silly, fun, and funny but some netizens were far from amused with this commercial—they were downright mad and are calling the ad gross, inappropriate, and disturbing. Meanwhile, the comments of the others are milder and they are calling the ad odd, cringy, weird, and strange. In contrast, there were others at the other end of the spectrum who loved it and thought the commercial was funny and hilarious. Here are some of their reactions:

We’ll leave you with the controversial TV ad and let you be the judge of that.

So, what do you think of Gain’s jockstrap TV commercial, guys? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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  1. Hunter4B

    I SAW THIS commercial last week and IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT WTfreak?!?
    FACE IT, this commercial could EASILY have been made using socks or shorts; so, ask yourself WHY the jockstrap? Absolutely done to make the commercial have the staying power of our conspicuous consumption society, which Marshall McLuhan theorized in his term “the media is the message.” Whether it ruffled feathers, or maintained the double entendre in this community, it got tremendous BANG for the Buck …
    Ancient Chinese secret, huh?

    • Dylan

      If they used socks or shorts would there be a blog about it? We’re chatting about this because it was funny because they used a jock strap.

      Marketing genius. But give it time. And the “boycott gain” campaigns will be running wild. I can see it now this is how boy get hooked on guys or this is how dad/son fetishes start (maybe).

    • Lamar

      Hey, you, do think maybe they were pitching this at the gay consumer, its not like we don’t ,already, buy laundry detergent, hmm? Just a thought. I love your input of subjects, btw 🙂

    • Hunter0500

      For decades … after major companies have spent millions of dollars … surveys after Super Bowl commercials are done show that people love a certain commercial… but they cannot tell you what product it was.

    • Hunter4B

      Yes D & L; begging the question, to both ruffle feathers and get gay sensibilities engaged, you both followed my point.

  2. Matt (Black)

    I saw it last week and it stayed with me for some strange reason. I was thinking this is strange and people are going to complain about this. I think everyone equate jockstraps as a sexual fantasy tool like thongs. I think a Rossanne Barr type- wife or college jocks pulling the prank on a sleeping teammate would have worked better as opposed to two young minor boys.

  3. Hunter0500

    The kid’s choosing the jockstrap is weird, almost disturbing.
    The dad’s taking a giant inhale of the clean scent is weird. Hey, if this scent excites him somehow in his sleep, he has issues.
    The commercial is just weird. Beyond dumb.
    Not one that will be remembered or that will be classic.

  4. PostGayGrandDad

    Yet another attack on the unseen minority of us who are drastically allergic to scent. Bad enough that GAIN markets these toxic chemicals but A4A sees fit to inject the poisons into its blog stream. Thanks ever so.


    I have to call my support group.

  5. BJ

    I thought it was freaking hillareous. And the jock looked very clean to me. I agree with some tweets, it’s making people talk.

  6. Jeffrey

    Like it or not Gain has you talking. You will remember this commercial next time you open your gym bag. Whether or not you buy Gain depends on your feelings for this marketing idea.

    But for the record. Something isn’t right about this.

  7. Archie

    But before it was sexualized… jockstraps are used for sports tho… hence the first part “jock”… it wasnt meant to be a sexual thing and to most people it still is… and young athletes used it for that before they find out what gay guys use it for… so its only disturbing to the people with their mind in the gutters but for a 15 year old football player that wears it for sports… its hilarious!

  8. farmdude

    wow first time seeing. great commercial, grow up people, what is this, another Red state vs Blue state comments. we are in the 2018’s not 1918, just sit down and enjoy a normal family joking.

  9. dls245

    Loved it!!! It’s a jock. What’s wrong having a clean good smelling jock? All good clean fun and a hot daddy too!

  10. Rex Serpenz

    Didn’t bother me—I think many are too sensitive to things really rather trivial. Example: look at the crashing of our ‘Weimar republic’ right now (worry about big things).

    Actually I thought it was provocative and entertaining in a sense that I first thought “They actually just went there.” But in a good, no-more-wholesome-family-fake-‘come to Jesus’-crap. It *is* extremely plain and lackluster though creative—yet it was fervently repulsive to some out there in ‘Merca and elsewhere where it’s aired.

    Me, personally, I’m for the clean and fresh. I can only think of bad times of dirty gym bag being left in my car in the summer. That bacterial ‘bloom’ is not a fragrance I enjoy.

  11. HungDad

    Thanks Dave – I always appreciate reading your blog – partly because it makes me think of hot pics of you – like that Italian photo shoot – but anyway I digress from the topic at hand – or at nose in this case.
    Don’t alarm bells go off in a board room anymore when people screen these ads before they go out to the public? Is the Gain demographic something that isn’t soccer moms? Perhaps I am just an old stick in the mud, but for the money spent I agree with Hunter4B that it could have been easily just as effective with socks.
    It was just my reaction when I saw it as a father thinking OMFG – did I just see that???? Anyway, thanks again Dave for the work you do…….

  12. Jerry Fisher

    I thought it was funny.

    Boys have done this to anyone and everyone since jocks, underwear, socks, etc were invented and worn.

    Elaborate explanations about why this is anything other than cringe-worthy at worst seems like a cover for a Puritan lack of humor.

    Shall we ban ads for douches, athletes cream, pain relief for mental cramps, bras and other sundry items? What about toilet paper?

  13. Lamar

    !!! OMG! It was shocking! It’s like the old blk/wht movies where the “Board of Censors” of the early-mid 20th century, missed their mark, and the gay producers got one over their heads, lol. I though wow, this seems so, gay? I mean in the most raunchiest-sense at that… Hell, man, who des that? It’s too, uh, well, “keepin’ it in the family-ish,” lol, like some sort of gay-incest. Anything for the almighty buck!

  14. Sam

    Well, being a real Dad of a real Son, I get it… Do I agree it should have been a sock… Yes. However not because it’s a jock, but because of the stupidity if the viewer. A truly twisted and demented mind will look at this commercial in a sexual manor. Most people are simply not bright enough to watch the commercial.

      • Lamar

        Both Sam and Dave, come-off-it, first of all, you’re on a meat-market of a gay sex site, of course, that’s what came to mind (no PG here). You, Dave just had a post about sniffing guys underwear and stuff; a jockstrap of all things, lol, is one of the most eroticized articles of men’s wear, why? Virility-sexuality, especially being sniffed by good-looking man.

  15. Mel

    What does this say to our children. Why would they use a Hispanic name in today’s political environment. The whole thing is just wrong and need to be pulled at once.

    As a gay man, I was in shocked to see this on national TV.

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