Sexuality: Five Tips For Guys Who Like Big D’s

There’s no need to be ashamed about it; a lot of you guys are size queens. We here at Adam4Adam would be the last ones to judge — we’ve asked you guys multiple times to share your big dick stories.

But as the recent story about Fredy Alanis shows, you have to be prepared to take on a big dick as it could literally send you to the hospital.

So that none of you guys end up confined in a hospital because a big dick ruptured something inside you, we’ve compiled a few tips for you guys to keep in mind the next time you’re face to face with a big dick.

1. Train your ass and mouth to take on that big dick

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in similar fashion, you can’t take all of a monster dick if it’s your first time encountering one. If you plan on taking big dick regularly, better start training your ass to take one. Start off with beginner-sized dildos and then work yourself towards bigger and bigger ones as you loosen up.

As for your mouth, it’s better not to train it with toys as you might end up choking on it. Find a considerate partner and have him lay still as you take more and more of his dick. Breathe through your nose, take frequent breaks, and find the best position that allows you to gobble down that dick.

2. Incorporate training into your foreplay

Unless your partner is a douchebag, they’d probably be down for helping you to loosen up your ass and mouth. It’s a win-win situation after all. You learn to take on a big dick, while your partner will be able to fuck you without having to stop every few minutes because his dick is too big for you.

3. Stay on top of it

If it’s your first time taking a big dick, doing it on all fours may not be the best course of action. It’s much better to ride that dick instead. Staying on top puts you in control and lets you take only as much big dick as you can.

4. Rough isn’t the way to go if you’re a beginner

You may find it hot in porn, but you have to keep in mind that those people are professionals. A big dick jackhammering into you isn’t the very comfortable if you’re not ready for it. Worst case scenario, you get an anal fissure and end up bleeding and in pain.

5. Don’t take pointers from porn

As stated in the previous tip, porn stars are professionals. They train and prepare for the big dicks that they take on screen. Don’t try to copy what you’re watching because you’re not seeing the preparation that went on before that scene was shot.

These are just some of the tips we have for you size queens. Any other tips you can share with those looking to take big dicks? Be as detailed about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Matt

    I have a really big cock and men THINK they want it in them.

    In the chit chat before the meet up I hear how they are going to take my cock–either sucking or up their asses–and then in person some can’t get very far going down on it or taking it inside them.

    Having a big cock is great and wonderful for bragging rights, but the quality of the sex you have depends on the person taking you and his ability to do so.

    If a bottom is willing to be trained–and I like the guy–I can train him.

    I would add that the first time the guy is able to take it all inside him, I go all the way in and just hold there so he can learn to relax and to overcome any pain reaction. Talking at that point as a top to a bottom is vital in setting up the relationship of the top having the control but being mindful of the ability of the bottom to take it. Reading how a bottom is reacting is so important.

    • Eric Whittington

      I wish I was given the chance to take your big cock cuz thats exactly what I need in my life. I’m so unhappy with the guys I met because they never meet my expectations. I’ve met one guy in my life with a huge cock but he was taken then he moved away. I would give anything to meet you!

    • a

      Being 9.5, back in the day when I loved to top, Id get too many complaints, ” Take it out youre hurting me!” “Ouch!” “Easy!” “Youre too big!” However, before hooking up they would be worship and idolize me.

      Solution: I became a bottom and LOVE IT! I found my true calling. Dont get me wrong, I pound an ass like a pro, however I need to be attracted to a man I fuck. If he’s fugly – thats ok – then the back of my head can look at his face 🙂

    • Porter

      Blah, Blah, Blah, Matt. How many times have you stated how big your dick is? I’ve lost count.
      When I asked to see it, you lambasted me. Not quite the sensitive guy you are claiming to be.
      Good luck to you and you bottoms.

  2. Bigpipetaker

    I really enjoy guys with big dicks. However some top guys just want to ram all that cock right in. I guess there are guys that can take it all at once or they wouldn’t try. I like top guys that will work it in slowly at least at the beginning. Once my ass is used to your big dick give it all to me.

  3. Gaymer

    This has to be the best comment I have ever read. I am endowed enough to know that it can hurt so I too take my time. Being vers, I have had dudes who were large try to ram and wonder why I push them away. I remember telling one dude to let me fuck him so the can see how it feels.

    In the end, it is about pleasure unless you are into pain. Kudos to you, man. Wish I could find one just like you! Deuces…

  4. Matt (Black)

    I’m a top with a nice size cock and the most important thing to consider as for both tops and bottoms is a expensive quality lube. Silicone oil based lubes works best for me. I found that water-based lube dries to quickly. Also men don’t be stingy with the lube. Use a liberal amount and bottoms don’t hesitate to have the top stop right in the middle of the heated passion to re lube. Saliva as we see being used in porn lessen the pain intially but dries quickly as well and remember what the blog says as far as porn. The bottom in the porn may have used lube before the scene was recorded. Bottoms also be careful and avoid big dick tops that have problems staying hard. Once they get hard, their mindset is to dive right in before they lose their erection with no consideration whatsoever to the bottom. This can be detrimental to your health and may lead to blood and result in a hospital visit. In closing, good expensive quality lube, extended foreplay, clear verbal communication, positioning and relaxation is the key to taking a bigger than normal size dick.

    • Matt (Black)

      Correction. Silicone lubricants!!!! not oil based. Wet platinum is a very good silicone lubricant. Nice and slippery. Works well even in water like when having sex while showering, hottub, pool, etc.

    • bjjj

      Hi there, well, I think it would really be a challenge if I were to meet you and have some oral or anal play. I think it’s hot that your have a nice big cock, and if I were to meet you, I’d try to take on the challenge. Reading other posts that you have commented on, I bet you are one hot, nice guy. Speaking of lube, I haven’t done much anal, so I couldn’t say what works best, but I sure would listen to your advice. Mentioning Saliva (spit), well, I love it all over me, and sharing it with some deep kissing, but it does dry up fast using it as lube. Works great while doing oral sex though. I also love a hot load of cum in my mouth. Yes, I am the white guy, who has a black BF, and he has an average size cock. Although a lot of black guys do have large cocks, not every black guy does, and I have seen a white guy with a huge at least 9 inch cock. I am very satisfied with my BFs cock, and yes he shoots a hot load of cum. I will say though, I’m not really turned on by racial play in itself, as skin color never has been an issue with me. It’s just that my BF and I just get along so well and we really love and get into each other.

  5. Jon

    I have taken big cock before. Trained my mouth and throat to drop throat 10+ inches and have ridden toys to open my ass up

    Really important to go slow then enjoy the feeling

  6. Eric

    This is a blog about gay subjects, on a gay oriented web site, and you won’t use the word “dick” ???? C’mon and be an adult.

  7. Ray

    To be a good top …you need to be a good bttm and vice versa. And damn that’s the way to be … if you limit yourself to just one role ..your miss ing out on 1/2 the fun

  8. Angel

    As a smaller framed bottom (I’m 5’8, 135 lbs) I admit sometimes it can be difficult to take a bigger cock, but I must say I really do love that feeling of being stuffed in my ass by a big cock, just not in an abusive way. So long as the guy goes in slowly and doesn’t start pounding right away I’m good. Like Matt above said, for me the best thing to do is to have the top slowly go all the way in until he gets as deep as he can go, and just hold it there for a few seconds or a minute, just long enough for my rectum to relax and it starts to feel good. Once there, he can start to go in and out gently, always going in to the deepest point. Eventually, we can both relax and enjoy the experience more. But if a guy with a big cock has the idea that he can simply push in and start pounding right away, that’s simply not going to be enjoyable. That’s why sometimes it’s better to have a nice sized cock that is not as big (in the 6.5 to 7″ range). Personally I prefer girth over length. I love the feeling of being opened up wide without having my guts poked to death lol

  9. Gay Tony

    Step #6: Stop fetishizing white guys. Those big dicks you crave are mostly attached to black and Latin men.

    My best hookup tip: Go to a black neighborhood or predominantly black area, open Grindr and look around.

    • bjjj

      Well, not all black guys have big dicks, although many do, but there are a lot of white guys that have huge cocks as well. To set the record straight about me (white) and my black BF, I do not really have a fetish for black guys in particular. My BF has an average cock, and I’m very satisfied with him. He doesn’t live in a predominantly black neighborhood. Actually I love him for who he is, not his color or race. We do so much together and it’s NOT all about sex. He is the nicest, most beautiful loving person I have ever met, and it’s not because of his skin color.

  10. Mike

    I’m relatively new to sex with guys. I like thick cocks but 6 inches is the perfect length for me as a bottom. It seems like the only way I can get someone with some thickness is 7 inched or longer which hurts a lot. What can I do to accommodate longer cocks?

  11. Brandon Page

    Tops are never in control, even if that’s the “scene” you’re into. It’s your body, he’s a guest in there, you’re the host. Don’t do shit you don’t want to. And for god’s sake, clean out beforehand (unless you’re into that kinda thing…).

  12. Mitch

    I’m not huge but I am on the bigger size. Problem I have is guys saying that want hard and deep until I take my pants off then they change there minds. I try to reassure say just try give a chance we can stop if it’s to much. 99/100 they end up letting me finish some even love it but it needs to be slow letting them know there doing a good job and also letting them know how far you dick is in. Sometimes they start freaking out when they don’t know how for you in and if there is more to put in. When you tell them it’s all in they instantly relax. Convincing them to relax there ass muscles is a trick because when they relax them the ass streches a little more and the feel it and try to tight up so you have to explain that it will feel worse for a second but in the long run it will be much better. I constantly say in a comforting voice “it’s okay it’s okay your doing good just a little bit longer.” Also a progress report is good because they may be getting tired of it or not enjoy to much they are just doing to be a good sport. If they know where thing are they are willing to stick with it because they see an end if they don’t it can seem like it’s taking forever and what it to stop. Let them know doesn’t need to be procedural just you feel so good moans let them know your feeling good. I tend to swell up a bit and get a lot firmer when im close so I have to tell them I’m close because they know my pinch a little more and need to know why so they don’t quit.

  13. Hunter0500

    There are many options for great sex beyond oral and anal. Non-penetrative sex involving the penis with thighs, buttocks, feet, armpits, as well as self- or mutual-masturbation can be highly satisfying. They require a bit more patience than guys who are looking for blow-n-go, fuck-n-be-done, or hookup sex might be willing to invest. But they are great components of a fulfilling sex life and could be an alternative for large guys. How about a blog post that discusses sex beyond everyday oral and anal?

  14. Chris

    I consider myself a power bottom without a gaping hole. Very tight but can take really big dicks. I only fuck raw (no lectures). Usually 9 or more I use poppers for the first time you hit that second ass. I have an average dildo that I use daily to keep my hole trained. I use coconut oil that makes it feel better than a wet pussy. Black men live my ass.

  15. MarcUPguy

    I just got fucked yesterday by a 24-year-old with a 10-inch dick. I’m almost sixty,. so I’ve had a lot of practice taking big cock up my ass — but this young guy can cum and cum and cum. Yesterday, he came three times in an hour. He’d fuck me, take his cock out, he’d cum while I sucked the cumload and swallowed it, and repeat. I would say that my tip is: Be very prepared to take a thorough fucking with a big dick. I did an enema — a particularly long and scrupulous one — as I wanted the guy to have a pleasant and clean experience when we fucked. And, yes, I’m at older guy, but I can still take an hour of pounding — and take the whole ten inches up my ass — and still feel up to another fucking the next day. MarcUPguy

  16. Lamar

    While they’re fascinating, very large dicks; I rather have someone that I could more easily stimulate, but I’m not a bottom when it comes to anal-sex. I do love a pretty dick, though, preferably cut for some serious oral action.

  17. JP

    As far as cock sucking goes, a little bigger is better for deep throat. I have no gag reflex, but don’t want somebody with a small dick hitting the “gag place” over and over and over. I want the cock to slide over it, over and over and over. I’m a versatile bottom with a pretty big and thick cock (8X7). It’s never happened but I would love to get spit roasted by two hung studs. Like for an hour.
    When it comes to getting fucked, really guys, a little bigger is better. NO offense to anyone, but bigger is better. That and skill.

  18. bubblebutt

    i like to walk around the bathouse that where im free in the bunk room is so kinky i only let one guy fuck me he was sqeezing my ass cheeks in the daark room so i got up and laid my towel out and laid on my stomachhe was on me i tried to scoot foward teasing him then grabbed me by my hair and in front of around 5 or 6 guys i sreamed out as he rammed it all the way up my ass i was lucky to get back to my room

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