Gay Stuff: Penis Nickname, Do You Have One?

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Do you have a nickname for your penis? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely not alone in that regard. In fact, according to Metro, both British and Australian men are fond of giving their penises a nickname or two or at least their partners do.

In the UK, a study showed that 6 out of 10 men gave their penis a nickname. Take a look at the list of popular penis nicknames in the UK below.

  • Little Man/Wee Man/Tiny
  • Percy/Percy Pecker
  • Fred
  • Bob/Bobby
  • Dicky
  • Billy the Willy
  • Jimmy/Jimbo/Big Jim
  • Pete the Pecker/One-Eye Pete
  • Junior
  • Big Boy

I myself am familiar with Little Man/Wee Man/Tiny, Junior, and Big Boy but I’ve never heard of guys calling their cocks Thomas the Tank Engine, Boris, Postman Pat, Sherlock, Chewbacca, Willy Wonka, E.T., and Elvis. Those are the other nicknames outside of top 10 but are also popular in the UK, by the way. This list really cracked me up because these guys are obviously a die-hard fan of these characters/shows/personalities enough to call their penis after them.

Meanwhile in Australia, the nicknames that made it to the top 15 are:

  • Little Man/Little Mr. Wee Man/Mini Me/Tiny
  • Percy/Percy Pecker
  • Fred
  • Bob/ Boblet/ Bobby
  • Richard/ Little Rich/Dicky
  • Billy the Willy
  • Lil Jim/ Jim/ Big Jim/ Jimmy/ Jimbo
  • Peter/ Peter the Pecker/ One-Eyed Pete/ Little Pete
  • Junior
  • Big Boy/ Big Man/Mr. Big
  • William
  • Bearsnake/ snake/ one-eyed snake/ solid snake/ master snake/ lapsnake/ trousersnake
  • George/ Georgio
  • Princess
  • Dave/ David/ Little Dave

You will find the two lists have similarities but that Princess nickname though, it really had me laughing out loud.

Anyway, nickname giving, is that your thing? For your penis, that is. If so, what’s yours and why did you give your cock a nickname? Care to tell us your story of how your penis’s nickname came about? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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  1. jimbo12000

    My partner calls it “Charlie” after the Mash TV show character Charles Emerson Winchester. I call him “Dickfer” as in What’s a dick for?

  2. PostGayGrandDad

    Excuse my ignorance, but who actually has a job to conduct such surveys? Why should anyone care about an ekename for a sex organ or just what percentage of a population engages in such asinine behaviour? If this really matters to anyone it is well past time to cull the population.

    I note your surveys are from the UK and OZ. Is there a US survey or is it bad enough that we elected tRump?

    Really, could we get something of substance brought up in this forum?

      • PostGayGrandDad

        My parties are usually formal dinners for four or five guests with seven to nine courses and all the appropriate libations. They _are_ incredibly fun, you’re right.

    • AnAmericanInLondon

      … and I note your use of Queen’s and not SEAE, so why the use of “we?”
      Also, THEY do a pretty good job of interesting, funny, teasing, and serious Blog mixes, so ease up on the poor blokes, eh mate?

  3. HaloHowl

    Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to meet Hugh Jackman’s “Old James Roger”? 18 years! Eighteen long, painful, frustrating years! And he keeps teasing us…we’re not getting any younger.

  4. Dylan

    My xbf used to call mine junior and the twins. I called his the Colombian connection (made more sense when he was jamming his 8.5″uc cock into my throat or ass).

  5. Chris

    That is so childish to have a nickname for your penis. If you are over 21 and still call your dick something other than dick/cock, grow the f**k up!!!

  6. wesley

    I nicknamed my dick OSCAR. The first time I bottomed was in the cinder block enclosure of a dumpster behind a bank. It reminded me of Oscar the Grouch, from Sesame Street, who lives in a garbage can. So I named my dick Oscar. Now that I think about it, it makes no sense, but that’s the name I gave it. I nicknamed my husband’s dick, John Henry, because that was the brand of underwear he wore when I first met him.

  7. jpowerhouse

    This is a juvenile topic but I love it. One of my first lovers many years ago playfully named my penis Freddie. He would ask me if Freddie wanted a kiss and I was more than eager to receive a kiss and then some. Still to this day Freddie loves to be kissed, fondled, stroked, and sucked. My lover would ask if Freddie was going to throw up and if so to give him a heads’s up (pun completely intended). Freddie still to this day likes as much attention and action as he can get and still welcomes kissing, fondling, stroking, sucking, and of course throwing up. Ha!

  8. matt t

    My neighbor called mine the hidden weapon of mass destruction has been found when he would unzip my trousers. Wasn’t quite sure if he met mass or ass.

  9. david

    I loved the article about the names of penis’s. every boy, and man has named the family heirloom something. I’m no different. mine is Dick plain and simple. Cock is a rooster, I think or Rhode Island Red big and beautiful.. but not a name. Out of the choices the one that made me choke was “Richard” Why call it Richard. that’s my legal name ummmm NOPE. I still thought it was funny and the best once of all and you nailed it….. Princess!!!!! Really. sorry it was to funny. keep up with the good work. your awesome…………… David……… or should I say Richard….. thanks for the smile.

  10. Gregg

    My friends always call my dick GForce because of my name “Gregg” with 3 g’s and because of the force of my cum. lol

  11. George Baker

    Whenever I see my friends they call me Mr and my name so one during i said would you like to see Mr Man and she said yes so ever since then he has been called Mr Man

  12. BJ

    I’ve been sucking a well hung married buddy’s penis for about five years. He also like a lot of oral attention to his balls. We often refer to them in email as Little K and the Twins. Until this I had never known anyone to name their anatomy.

  13. Mr. Frank

    In the mid 1980s I had a boy friend in San Francisco who liked big winkies. His nickname for my penis was “Mr. Winkie”. He died in the plague, and there’s not a day that goes by that Mr. Winkie and I don’t think of him and miss him. RIP Buck Chance

  14. coxxxter67

    yeah man i not only have a name for my cock[ELWOOD J.BEAVERHUNTER] BUT I’VE GOT AN ACTOR FOR A COCK!, he’s co-starred with me on the web based comedy Naked Builders New Orleans which has been featured everywhere from YouTube, FUNNY OR DIE, XHAMSTER and god knows wherelse! Elwoods always POPPING UP, MAKING APPEARANCES ALL OVER! So look for him at your local bookstores poking his head through just about any old hole-in-the-wall. Soon he’ll be on everyones lips!

  15. Jack

    Growing up in my family we called it Tommy! My dad later told me it goes back to when he was a boy! Named after the Tommygun!!
    Cant tellyou how me and my brothers would giggle everytime we met someone named Tommy!

  16. Don

    Well i am a total bottom and love dirty talk. When I’m getting riddin i like little dinky or clitty especially when im in my cb2000

  17. LittleH4B

    Ha ha, yes, it started with a former girlfriend giving it the name: “little ME”… which I hadn’t taken to kindly to, yet she said it was due to the J. Blume book FOREVER, in which the protagonist calls her boyfriend’s penis “Ralph” … later she called it by my middle name which actually worked out in several situations, like being able to discuss a matter publicly and not having to be too clear upon THAT reference, LOL.
    Later, I found out a boyfriend had done the same, and it has always just since been the case that it is nice to give that member some title, and therefore some OWNERSHIP

  18. Stan

    Years ago when I was married, my wife and I called my cock Clyde. Her name was Connie, hence we were Connie and Clyde.

  19. LittleH4B

    I had completely forgotten!
    On one of my first tries with a guy, he had me on my back and was jacking me off … every time I came close, he would do this technique to make the feeling subside … believing he was teaching me a tantric lesson … either way … at one point I wanted to ejaculate so badly I attempted to stifle my expression but I was so close as he gripped tighter and tighter … and I of course was a pretty powerful shot, therefore, try as he might, he couldn’t hold it back. As we were ‘cleaning up’ we began looking for the evidence, however, we could find NOTHING! It was shocking and unbelievable as we both looked up at the cathedral ceiling and about 12 feet up was a newly formed ‘stalactite’ LOL! Oh man, we dated for several years and he never stopped calling me “Rocket Man”, It was a happy memory, as I am an Elton John fan and like the song very much (but I have since repressed it with Trumps constant use of the term for Kim Jung Un – a name he obviously can’t pronounce). When the song comes on the radio, I chuckle a bit inside 😉

  20. A4a's jimdan2000

    My roommate’s dick got nicknamed “Mufasa” by someone a while back. Mufasa from the Lion King, because everyone is scared of it. Of course, at 9×7 inches cut it is a bit to handle.

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