The New Beta Adam4Adam Android App Now Available for Testing

Dear Adam4Adam users,

We are pleased to announce the beta release of the all new Adam4Adam Radar Android App. In line with this, we are inviting you to take part in our beta testing program. With your support, we will be able to elevate Adam4Adam Radar App to a higher quality level before its worldwide release, next month. As a beta testing participant, we encourage you to report any issues as well as share your comments, suggestions, and ideas at [email protected] and here on the blog. Please leave constructive comments (and the good ones too 😏) as we worked very hard for you guys. We’ve redesigned the app completely and added some great features and we are extremely excited about the future of our new app!

Here at Adam4Adam, we are always exploring and creating ways in which we will be able to improve Adam4Adam users’ online dating experience and to better cater to our members’ needs now and far into the future. We are deeply committed to our service and we believe that together, we can get you guys the best app possible.

CLICK HERE to start beta testing the unreleased version of the Adam4Adam Radar Android App. As for all the iOS users (iPhone, iPad etc), we’ll get you the beta version very shortly, don’t worry, probably next week if everything goes well. Thanks for your patience.

So we look forward to receiving your feedback at [email protected]

Thank you very much, dear users.

Team Adam4Adam

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    • Dave

      Name an app with a cock filter? Google and Apple forbid app makers to use x-rated content/words or we get banned. All photos are censored, all text is censored in the app, including cock size.

        • Dave

          hmmm why? Because you can’t see dick?
          We offer a variety of products (desktop website, mobile website, android app, iOS app) for different types of users. We will even offer a g-rated desktop website soon, as many users have asked us.

  1. exmil

    a “new” app isnt going to fix the larger problem of the same old same old (lo)sers on it, with same old outdated pics same old obsolete stats and same lies and lame ass pickup lines.

  2. bob

    DO NOT LIKE THE NEW BETA VERSION!!!! The app is difficult to use, not friendly, doesn’t have a flow to it. The location part only goes down to within 500 miles??? CAN NOT look for guys in your area. The format and new background makes it more difficult to read, seems really busy. I DO NOT LIKE IT, looking for another app to use.

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