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Health: Have You Ever Tried Testosterone Boosters?

These past few years there has been a rise in the popularity of testosterone boosters. But what is it really and what does it do?

Testosterone boosters are supplements that men take in order to raise our testosterone levels. We do so because as men get older, we experience numerous changes in our body as part of the normal aging process. But what is testosterone you ask?

Well, testosterone is a male sex hormone produced primarily in the testicles specifically in the Leydig cells and is responsible for sexual and reproductive development. According to Mayo Clinic, testosterone is known to regulate and maintain men’s “bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, facial and body hair, red blood cell production, sex drive, and sperm production.” Studies found that after age 30, our testosterone levels gradually decline about 1% to 2% each year.

Along with the drop in our testosterone levels, men may experience low sperm count, enlarged or swollen breast tissue, increased body fat, hair loss, loss of strength, insomnia and other sleep problems. On top of these are the possibilities of having an anemia, erectile dysfunction, and a decrease in libido (sexual drive) to name a few.

It’s no surprise that testosterone boosters are popular in the market though reviews said that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I myself have tried a few but for me this testosterone booster is the best one. You may try it here.

It always pays to embrace a healthier lifestyle too: eat right, exercise your body, lose weight, drink enough water, and reduce your stress by knowing when to rest (maybe go on a holiday? Take a day off?) among others. But of course you already knew that. Also, stay away from men’s grooming products that contain xenoestrogens or the so-called “hormone-disrupting chemicals.” Examples of these chemicals are phthalates, parabens, and Triclosan and they are most commonly found in toothpaste, shampoos, lotions, deodorant, etc.

That being said, have any of you guys used this testosterone booster before? Did you have a great experience with it? How did it work for you? We’d love to hear what you think about it so please share it with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Toby

    Yes, I tried the Blue Star Status and GH Peak. I didn’t notice any improvement in my erections or any improvement in my stamina for working out in the gym, but I seemed to sleep better. I took it for 6 months, so that should’ve been plenty of time to tell if it was really helping or not.

    The supplement that I got the best results with for improving erections is Monster T made by UniScience Group. The dosage is 6 tablets a day for 5 days, then take 2 days off and then repeat. The downside is the tablets are a bigger size, and not much of a slick coating on them, so they are hard to swallow. I have tried dissolving them in some water and taking them that way, but the taste isn’t too pleasant. So, I haven’t ordered more following the initial order.

    Another approach some supplement manufacturers take is to create a supplement that allegedly frees up the testosterone your body makes, or keeps it from converting to estrogen. I’ve tried two different supplements, Alpha ZTA by Gold Leaf Nutritional and Estro-Cleanse Plus by Dr. Sears Primal Force. I haven’t noticed any benefit from taking either of these, so I probably won’t reorder in the future. It would be helpful if lab test results were available to verify if these supplements really are freeing up testosterone or not.

  2. Francis Asissy

    I get injections from my doctor. It has made a difference in certain ways. My voice has deepened, I feel stronger and ready to punch someone. I think I cum more vigorously. That’s all. I may be losing some hair. If you need it, get it from a doctor. Otherwise, don’t mess around with it. The gel did not seem to be as effective as injections. It may also increase your appetite for beef and milk, as it is bull semen they use.

  3. soft & fluffy

    Been using one for a few years now and can’t say that I really notice any real improvement , and I’m at the age where if they worked I ought to see a difference.
    I can’t imagine how many people who don’t need them at all have been caught up in the hype and are using them . For the most part it’s a huge marketing ploy . Just tell the average guy that you can sell them a pill that makes their dick bigger and harder and they’ll willingly part with their money .

  4. Hunter0500

    When “TESTOSTERONE! IT’S ALL THE RAGE” was a thing not to long ago, my Doc of a couple of decades warned that it was not the solution to most guys’ “issues”. Boosters fall into that.

    While it does support the building of muscle, Its help for libido or erectile dysfunction is highly debatable (reports making claims for YES! and NO!)

    Don’t just buy some supplement on line or from the supplement store. Consult your doctor about what’s best for whatever shortcoming you’re looking to overcome.

  5. latinlust69

    Tried a couple.Yawn. Currently trying Ageless Male. Way yawn. Can’t get the good stuff as seems my tests are about the usual for my age. Don’t want usual for my age and neither do dudes who are feeling older. I’ve tried a couple others and little sucess.

  6. Bigprick69ga

    If you need supplementation you are better with a monitored testosterone product. There are depot pellets available from a few pharmacies and implanted by your physician or provider. There are shorter acting injections as well as gells.

    Bad things can happen, such as excessive red cell production and hemoglobin that can clog small blood vessels – such as those in your brain. Behavioral and psychiatric problems may occur.

    Non FDA approved supplements can be safe but not necessarily effective. If you are going to spend the money and take the risk, why not get something better documented?

  7. Johnny

    I take pine pollen combined with nettle root in a tincture. At 68 it helps a little. Pine pollen testosterone is identical to human testosterone. What I have read is that our free testosterone is needed to achieve erection but we really have very little free testosterone and as T production declines with age it becomes part of the problem. I gave a dose of the tincture to a 37 year old friend, he was hard in less than an hour.

  8. A Ginger Nurse

    There is a lot of confusion (mixed facts) in regards to testosterone. Most of the Mayo clinic excerpt is correct, but one part is not – “sperm production “. Testosterone is responsible for pubic, armpit and facial hair, darker and thicker skin, increased activity in oil and sweat glands; which leads to body odor, increased growth including muscle mass, and deepening of the voice due to a larger larynx.

    Sperm production occurs in the testes. Specifically in the seminiferous tubules. Within these tubules, germ and Sertoli cells supply nutrients, remove waste and secrete the hormone inhibin, which plays a role in the maturation and release of sperm.

    Sperm is then mixed with semen (from the seminal vessels of the lower portion of the bladder) which contains fructose. Fructose is used for the sperm cells mobility. Testosterone does not have anything to do with sperm production or mobility.

    These “supplements” are a scam. They are not regulated by the FDA. If you’re interested in cum-ing more, a few suggestions would be:

    1. Wear less restricting underwear. (Your testes are usually 5 degrees less than your body temp. Any higher it would start killing your sperm cell.)
    2. Eat foods (in moderation) which contain natural fructose. (That’s the key to shooting farther and increase the amount of semen).
    – [ ] Tree fruits (banana, apples, citrus fruits, and grapes)
    – [ ] Vegetables (asparagus, artichoke, beans, broccoli, leek, cabbage, onion, tomato, peanuts and zucchini)
    – [ ] Dried fruits (dates, figs, apples, pineapples and raisins)

    Some foods have processed fructose, but I prefer the whole food approach rather than processed foods IMO.

    Just to be clear, testosterone does not produce sperm. With physical exercise it does help you’re sex drive. The desire (sex drive) is your libido. The two parts of the brain that is responsible for your sex drive is the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. Testosterone does interact with these two brain areas, but it is not responsible for sperm production.

    A Ginger Nurse

  9. bjjj

    I wish I had some answers for a better erection as I am older, in my 60s. I tried testosterone suppliants a while back, and it didn’t do anything for me. No sure if Viagra, or other similar prescription products would work, as I have never tried them. Not easy to talk to my doctor about “hard on’s” at my age. Also I understand the pills are quite expensive, and I doubt if insurance would cover them. We need a forum that will discuss prescription medications for erections and whether it’s worked for them.

    • Toby

      I have tried Viagra. At first, it worked pretty well, but the more I used it, the less effective it became. I also didn’t like the side effects–headache, flushed feeling in my face, and change in vision (seeing more bluish color). I haven’t used it for several years now, but am thinking about trying it again, because I like to top and it seems like a lot of guys are wanting to get fucked. I’m wondering if there are any irreversible side effects from using it long term. If anyone has suffered damaging side effects, I would like to hear about it.

      • ISOLTRJock

        Good description — my experience was nearly identical. Last time I took Viagra the side effects (headache, congested “stuffy” feeling, flushing — as you mentioned) made me not want to take it again. My VA doctor offered Cialis last time so I may give that a try. Common sense indicates that the side effects could be the same or worse since Cialis reportedly works for days. When I mentioned that blue vision effect (which I had when I didn’t split the Viagra pill in half) to my civilian doctor he went ballistic about what a dangerous symptom that is.

        I’ve tried a couple of testosterone boosters. They seemed to help my tennis game but also made me feel like I needed to jack off as soon as I stepped out of the shower.

      • Michel

        High Hefner knew that if he continued taking Viagra, he would go deaf. He was quoted as saying he’d rather not hear than give up sex. So he went with nitrous oxide as I recall. The autopsy showed he’d been using it.

    • Jake

      Viagra is not available in generic form. (Sildenafil) If you use a prescription app-you can get them to where a 60 mg dose costs around $1.75, or less. (20 mg tablets) It has become quite affordable. Cialis also has become available in generic form, but only recently. It’s still expensive. The price should come down as competition increases now that it’s generic. FYI. It’s good to remember that over 90% of what they sell online is not real and you can be getting harmful additives unless it’s a registered online pharmacy. It is not possible to get either Viagra or Cialis online without a prescription. This is true for Canadian pharmacies as well. Make sure the Canadian pharmacy is registered and has a Canadian address. It’s difficult to try to figure out what is or is not legit online. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about it, no matter your age. They deal with that type of stuff all the time. Both drugs have been around long enough that there’s no need to feel uncomfortable. Nobody is Superman-even if we are led to believe we are sub-par being any less. It’s silly. Talk to your doctor. It might be a couple uncomfortable minutes but think of the outcome. 🙂

  10. John

    Hey guys not sure about those but a fuck/bottom buddy showed a product called Black Rabbit. it had a pic of a Playboy bunny on the package. Bought it at a 7/11 store. You only need to take one and it lasted for two days. I was hard and ready after a hour. I did also get a headach but only small one.

  11. David

    I would not consider any type of testosterone boosters or enhancements unless it was through my doctor. Mine was tested through a blood sample. It was okay. That was the end of it. What drives this article-helping people, promoting a healthy conversation or profit through promotion of a certain product? This article seems like an advertisement for profit.

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