Watch This: Shirtless Bros Frolicking in the Snow

Photo Credits: Screengrab from Powerlifting Motivation Facebook

Hey, guys! What were your favorite creative snow activities when you were a kid? Have a snowball fight with your childhood friends? Maybe play freeze tag? Build either a fort or a snowman or both?

Now that we are older, when you see snow, don’t you remember all the fun snow activities you’ve had with your family and friends as a kid? Makes you want to recreate said activities sometimes, don’t you think so too?

It’s probably what these guys were thinking when they made this video while they fooled around in the cold shirtless: have some fun in the snow but with a twist. Take a look at their video below:


The video garnered hilarious comments from the netizens which made for enjoyable read like, “Only at night when the weird shit comes out” and “That is exactly what I see when I see two or three guys working out together.” Lol.

Of course someone was unable to resist from wanting to take one of the guys home with them and said, “I’d like to order the guy in red shorts, please.”

Some of the netizens tagged a friend or two and said, “Lol next time it snows,” “Can’t wait for gym tomorrow,” “Let me get fit again,” “This is how we are going to keep that pump up at V club boys. Get ready,” “We have to try this,” and “Is this what you do in Maine?” The others tagged and jokingly propositioned their friends, “Can you be my spotter?” “Can you help me out bro?”

Would you take them up on their offer? Do you love frolicking in the snow?

Anyway, we hope you are having a lovely and fun filled holiday, guys! One filled with lots and lots of snow and love.

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  1. BJ

    Way to cold to be outside in the snow. Cold, ice and snow turns me off. With temps being well below zero, I don’t think so. However a nice warm bed to cuddle up in with someone would really be a hit with me.

  2. Hunter0500

    How much under the influence, or just plain dumb numb, does someone have to be to be able to withstand snow against bare skin for that long?

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