Hot or Not: Hickeys

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When I read about or see a hickey on someone else it reminds me of the younger version of myself. You know—that me who was young, reckless, and shameless and have sex all night long—so much so that when I woke up in the morning I’d find my neck littered with hickeys. I’d show up at work sporting said hickeys which, sometimes, no matter how hard I tried to hide I fail spectacularly because some coworkers simply have eyes like a hawk. As I said, shameless, but I’m pretty sure we all had that phase, yeah? Do I sound defensive? Lol.

We are asking whether you find it hot or not because often I’d hear guys grumble about it but also, there are others who find hickeys attractive. They found the very idea that someone they like or love has left a mark on them appealing, sexy, if you may. It’s like getting branded, they would say. Put that way, I must admit that yes, hickeys are hot!

But are hickeys lethal? I asked a physician friend and he said yes, it can be deadly if there are plenty of hickeys (or if it is huge) and it is on a delicate location like the neck where the arteries supply our brain with blood directly. A blood clot could occur and it could dislodge and clog an artery in our brain thereby causing a stroke. But my friend said such occurrences are considered as very extreme and rare cases, meaning it does not happen as often as we are made to believe. Want to know more about hickeys? You can read here for more information.

Anyway, what do you think of hickeys, guys? Do you find it hot or not? Or did you, just like me, think once upon a time it was hot but now I see it is something that’s for the young’uns (teens) only?

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  1. Barebackbuddy

    They might seem hot..if your 12. They look like hell, hurt like hell, and are not good if you have a corporate job. Really?..

    • Kirt28202

      I agree with Scott, somewhere private is sexy. I like putting one on someone’s inner thigh, but I don’t do it that often. Never do it on the neck.

    • John

      Totally agree! Passion marks shouldn’t be plastered all over you neck for all the world to see. My bae keeps a passion mark somewhere on his body that’s easily hide; gotta let any side chicks know that they are messing with a man that’s NOT YOURS!

  2. John Smith

    Too old for it, haven’t given/had one in a while, don’t see it happening for a while. I do think it could be hot, but all my memories of it are from when i was younger, so it mostly depends on the guy. Living in gay hook up culture, most guys are DL and more than likely cheating on someone so hickeys are a huge no no anyway. Being in a relationship it happened for the first year, but not anymore after that. Do I see myself giving a hickey to a thirty year old man at this point in my life? Probably not lol

  3. Hunter0500

    Used. That’s what they say. “I’ve just been with another guy.” Geez. Maybe some guys are into that.

    Of course. We all play and have recent partners. But how flat our retarded (nothing to do with special needs people; just saying the mind set is somehow slow) does one have to be to think hickeys are in any way hot?

  4. Ben

    NOT HOT if visible after the age of maybe 16. Was the first sign I ignored that I needed to dump my ex. We were in our thirties, and I am sure it was just another one of his attempts to possess.

  5. Andrew

    Nope it ain’t hot to me like @scot said if was private then yes, but when ur at work and flaunting it, its like a walk of shame, now we’re adults y would u want the world to know u were having sex and if ur single its worse in my opinion cause u can scare away potential relationship by stating I have wild sex and proud to show it.

  6. Dylan

    Oh I remember the days…

    I love the feeling of getting one. My bf will run his mouth over my nech and it is kinda like the guys who are really into nip play. My cock is hard wired to my neck. If I’m sleeping and he slightly breathes, kisses, applies just a lil bit of wet suction I am ROCK SOLID and he is getting fucked. He found that out about the 4th day we knew each other. Love my neck being kissed. Slobbering wet buried face (what ever that’s called) is a sure way to start me up. I’m. It so much for the marks so he doesn’t leave any. Though I do leave my mark on the cheeks of his ass. As I rim him I will pull of and it, suck and work each cheek at its place where you’d like to pinch the most. The part that sticks out the very furtherst in line with his ass hole. He is then owned and becomes my sex slave immediately.

  7. Skip

    Grown men, 25 and up, should not find hickey’s appealing. It seems so immature to walk around with a big hickey on your neck once you reach a certain age.

  8. Bbtop

    I actually like to leave them on my lovers, esp long term ones. Hidden of course, on the chest and shoulders. Most specifically because I want them to know that they are mine to pleasure and to pleasure me. When it is told on those terms my lovers usually are quick to let me leave a one or 5 here and there on their chest. Scott there has the right idea 😉

  9. Edward

    I agree with John D & Commando they are Gross & Juvenile. Who wants to see a grown Man or for that matter a Woman with Hickeys or a necklace of them it just looks NASTY!

  10. Qznemesis

    All I can think are a bunch of insecure kids wanting to put their mark on someone to stake their claim. It’s about as hot as jerking off in your parents shower.

  11. NotNelly

    Infantile and stupid. They are a total dealbreaker, for me, and I make it very clear from the get-go. My response to the guy who thinks it’s “cute” to disobey that rule is a broken jaw. Once the wires come out, he will have learned that “no marks” means NO MARKS.

  12. Jeffsbox12k16

    I ain’t gotta sex life because i don’t wanna sex life and don’t get any anyways haha how u doin handsome have a happy new year buddy

  13. Jeff

    I ain’t gotta sex life because i don’t wanna sex life and don’t get any anyways haha how u doin handsome have a happy new year buddy

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