Hot or Not: Hairy Legs

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Hey, guys! Do you find men with hairy legs hot or not? Other gay men find hairy legs “sexy,” “hot,” and “amazing” while others prefer them smooth or less hairy. Some love ’em natural and would say that it matters not whether a man has naturally smooth or hairy legs, it is fine, adding they want their lover or boyfriend to just leave those legs as it is.

Admittedly, this is the one thing I’ve never pondered upon until I read this thread over at Reddit. Come to think of it, I did have an ex-boyfriend whose legs are way smoother than mine but whether or not he shaved them or if it was naturally smooth, I never bothered to ask. On the other hand, I also had boyfriends who had hairy legs and I was fine with that as well. Or maybe I simply am not a leg person? Not exactly, I think, because I love looking at strong thighs.

Perhaps it’s just that hairy matters aren’t a deal breaker for me and that whenever I’m in a relationship with someone, I am more concerned about things like: is this a serious relationship? Are we just fooling around? Will he still be here tomorrow? Is he the “here today, gone tomorrow” type?

I guess I am a serious person with relationship anxieties of my own.

Going back to the matter at hand, do you find hairy legs quite a turn off? What about smooth, cleanly shaven legs? Are you a leg man? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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  1. Zoltan

    I had the hottest fuckbud last summer. He was a Hispanic young man who was a forester. I usually go for hairy men, but he was hot. Smooth as a baby’s butt from the waist up BUT… when he took off his pants, he was as hairy as a goat. Only a small tuft of hair above the crack gave it away.
    I loved it a lot!!!!

  2. Neil

    Love hairy men/otters period. The hairier, the better. My dad and brother were walking rugs, but I got short changed. Have a moderate coat of hair, but like I said, the hairier the better

  3. Douglas Dean

    I am COMPLETELY a leg man and I have to say for me the hairier they are the sexier they are. I’ve been a massage therapist for 28 years and I STILL get a thrill when a client comes in whose legs are nice and hairy especially if their butt is too.

    Smooth legs are okay but I don’t have to conceal my hard on as often with them as I do with a great set of hairy hoofers!

  4. Suck27870

    Hell yeah!! Hairy legs are *definitely* sexy to me!!! The hairier, the better. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if the dude looked like King Kong from the pelvis down, I’d be turned on as a mofo to please him all he could stand … and then some! Bring on the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gregg

    I myself prefer guys with hairy chest, pits, legs, and pubes etc, but for myself I don’t like any hair on my body, except a very short high fad cut on my head. lol Most guys seem to like me hairless and smooth and because I am very well endowed and very fit and defined, it just reveals my nice body better without any hair.

  6. lee

    I think shaving is mutilation. I love hairy guys. chest, stomach, crotch, thighs, ass crack, legs all are good. even some back hair is ok. But to shave is a TOTAL turn off. Shaving makes my dick run and hide, it just won’t work. I like facial hair too but if shaved when we meet that is ok but a bearded guy should not show up one day without the beard. While I will still play with him again, it will be the beginning of the end. Now if a person is naturally smooth that is a totally different situation. Because naturally smooth is/can be a turn on. I guess it all boils down to is it natural or shaved.

  7. Eddie

    I LOVE hairy legs and hairy dudes in general. I like a natural dude (one who doesn’t “man scape” or shave parts of the body that weren’t meant to be shaved by men). I’m an absolute leg man, by the way…lol. 🙂

  8. arturo23

    I’ve got to stop reading and replying to these posts. You’re perpetuating the worst stereotypes imaginable, IMHO.

    Would you turn down a nice personality, a cute smile, a nice body, a respectful conversation and ‘chemistry’ in general because your man did or didn’t have hair on his legs?

    Guys, with some hard work, taking care of yourselves and a positive attitude, you’ll be here for decades. Is hair on the legs an issue? Give me a sweet smile and nice personality any day, I don’t even care if you have legs or not.

    • Hunter0500

      Agreed. Being attracted to a guy based upon whether his legs are hairy or not (or any other superficial features) is like buying a car based upon its rims and tires. In both cases, safety and satisfaction could well be issues. But, of course, that’d only become evident down the road.

      All of which causes gay guys to be laughed at for making poor decisions and then complaining about being victimized.

      • Dave

        Wow you both are being very dramatic. I was just asking a fun question about if you guys liked hairy legs or not. Not “would you get married to a hairy legged man”.

  9. Dayne

    I myself only weigh about 150 while im 5’11 and dont know to many guys with as big of legs as me. I tend to like my guys with thick muscular calves and thighs. Tend to prefer moderately hair like the guy above. If there is too much hair i get turned off. I have known a few guys before that shaved their legs and it wasnt a turn off… i was just kinda indifferent.

  10. Ken

    I love guys with hairy legs. As a kid when I would see a man in shorts with hairy legs I would wonder how far up the legs the hair went. Always got an erection at the gym when I saw a hairy man in the shower and probably stare longer then I should. Hairy chest,stomach,legs and ass I love them all.

  11. leatherman1

    To me, it all depends on the man. If he’s handsome, hot, sexy, it doesn’t matter if his legs are/are not hairy.
    I had a 3 year relationship (he was 24, I was 62) with an adorable young man. He had a beautiful furry bubble butt, hairy legs, and nice full bush…very little hair above the waste. He was such a turn on and not because of the hair.

  12. Cumslut69

    Hair that is too thick creates razor stubble way too fast. But it tastes so good with some sweat and cologne mixed in. For me trimming works very well on my butt and the amazon forest around my crotch.

  13. Craig

    Either way is cool for me. Like Dave says a pair of manly looking strong for thrusting thighs is what gets me going. If there is hair on them that can be a plus but like I said either way is great for me.

  14. Joe

    Absolutely HATE the shaved bodies,, trim is fine but shaving it all off … doesn’t look good , the hair can be seen under the skin
    besides who wants to be with a 12 year old

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