News: Berlin Sex Toy Theft Largest in History

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Berlin, Germany—The three-day annual international erotic trade fair called Venus Berlin International Fair 2017 had just ended, and quite uneventfully, or so the exhibitors thought. That is until one of the exhibitors—Fun Toys London—started packing their goods.

Reports say Fun Toys London’s staff merely stepped away for a moment as they were getting ready to load the boxes into their truck. The boxes, they say, contained their latest erotic toy line that debuted in said fair but, in a bizarre turn of events, said boxes disappeared.

The police was called in to investigate the scene and when they arrived, the staff of Fun Toys London yet again stepped out. This time to meet the police at the entrance; the staff was gone for only five minutes and that was when the thieves made away with four more of their boxes. Talk about striking while the iron is hot.

The exhibitor was left with nothing but their company brochures, bags, two boxes with testers, and their award Erotix Awards 2017 in which they find comfort for. “What is amusing is that not a single tester went missing during the days of the exhibition!” said Fun Toys London in a statement in Facebook.

Although the incident is not at all uncommon, the missing sex toys are valued at €50,000 (£45,000 or $60,000) and the heist is now being dubbed as the “largest recorded theft of sex toys in history.”

We say it is not uncommon because earlier this year, a warehouse in Vegas was broken into and a pair of thieves stole 30,000 condoms. They reportedly returned the next morning and pilfered sex toys worth $10,000. Don’t store your sex toys in the trunk of your car either lest you end up like this lady from Oregon who lost $500 worth of sex toys for a bachelorette party.

Venus Berlin is considered the largest international fair for the erotic and lifestyle sector with over 250 exhibitors from 40 countries participating annually. The exhibitors get to showcase the latest trends of everything erotic: dildos, lubricants, toys, even erotic DVDs and games.


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