Sexuality: Bottom Like a Champ!

Every good bottom knows that keeping themselves spic and span down there is one of the essentials before you get some actions. But as people have noted in our “How to be a better bottom” post, douching takes time and doesn’t take into account spontaneous encounters. So what’s a conscientious bottom to do?

The answer is the dietary finer supplement, Pure for Men. You’ve probably heard about it from several people, and there’s a lot of good reasons why.

First off, Pure for Men is 100% natural, made up of high-grade ingredients chia, flaxseed, and psyllium husk. Chia and flaxseed have Omega-3 fatty acids and psyllium husks has long been used as a cleansing agent in traditional Indian medicine.

Not only does Pure for Men thoroughly clean out your digestive system, it’s got lots of additional benefits as well. Take Pure for Men 30 minutes before a meal and the chia, flaxseed, and psyllium husk will have enough time to expand in your stomach. It will give you a “full” feeling, making you eat smaller meals and lose weight. The Omega-3 in the chia and flaxseed also reduces your risk of heart disease. Pure for Men also soaks up excess alcohol in your stomach, so take it before a night out to lessen the chance of hangovers. To top it all off, the capsules are vegan-friendly too!

Best of all, Pure for Men isn’t as time-consuming as douching. Just take two tablets twice a day, take a shower and do your business, and you’re ready to go! Now you don’t have to turn down that spontaneous invitation by a sex stranger, because you’re confident you’re clean.

Interested? You can get Pure for Men here! Even better, use the promo code ADAM20 to get 20% off on your next order, valid thru October 31, 2017. Try it!

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  1. Bababooboo

    What exactly is it doing? Is it just ensuring ur stools are hard so u poop it all out and it’s not mushy and messy inside?

  2. christopher Sex_Sober_Sucks

    Shit Happen HeHe??? Prolly to you Not Once ever to me firm believer in ass to mouth and If I cant stick your Dick in my mouth after its been in my ASS, we aint fucking! My Diet? I wake up every say thinking of the possibilities that I having sex and live by the the hour policy, woops its that time, time to shower along with me and my hose, I bet I dont hesitate on ass to mouth!

  3. Algo so

    Ugh! This was a bite headline. I thought it would be something more instructional, rather than an infomercial. Anyway, my advise turns into vegetarian and you don’t need pills, supplements or whatever. You’re always clean down there

  4. bjjj

    Why worry about being super clean back there. Yes, shit happens, it’s part of everyday life. If you trust your partner, and your really into him, it’s all part of sharing each other. We share Saliva when we kiss, we share sweat, we rim, some share piss and more. Anyway so whats a little poo. The truth though is you have to be really turned on and into your guy, and also trust him that your not going to pick up any bugs or diseases. I generally don’t do anal with my cock, but I love to finger ass, and rim. The only one I have fingered lately is my BF/lover whom I trust completely. It’s a great feeling when my finger is up his ass, or his in mine. Loose gooey poo makes good lube and actually can be a turn on. I trust my BF as I know were both disease free. Most times after I get done fingering, my finger is “brown”, and so what, it’s just a turn on and part of sharing each other. Yes, many times I go as far as licking my finger clean, and yes when one is really into each other and turned on, it just adds to the excitement of sharing.

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