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Photography : Dave’s Nude Photoshoot in Italy With Cobalto

Hey guys, last month I went to Spain and Italy, I took few weeks off to travel, but still managed to post on the blog every morning so most of you didn’t notice that I was away, except for those who follow me on my Instagram account. It was my first time in Italy and loved every minute. I went to Rome, Venise, and did few other little cities in the northern part of the country. Italy is definitely one of my favorite countries : It has great museums and architecture, the food is exquisite, the boys are gorgeous and elegant, the sea is splendid and warm and there are some talented photographers too!

Last year, I discovered this very talented photographer on Instagram, he posted great photos of beautiful men and his work really caught my attention not only because of his models, but because of the emotions that he was able to capture. Cobalto (his artist name) has an artistic sense that is out of this world. One could just step in his house to find out how everything is thought out and artistically designed and decorated.

All this to say that we connected on Instagram and we both wanted to work with each other. And it finally happened last month… and below are few pictures from our collaboration. Check out the photos and let me know if you like them!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram at @davlesage and @adam4adam_official for more photos and follow @_Cobalto_ to see more of his work. Next week I’ll show you photos from my photoshoot with Dylan Rosser, a famous Ibiza photographer that you probably know as he is very well known in the gay community. You won’t want to miss it, there’s some naughty photos as well. Have a great day guys!


– Philodendron bipinnatifidum – model @davlesage

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  1. Slim

    Hey Dave, could you create a post of your personal workout and nutrition info? I think it would help alot of guys like myself out who feel like they’re not progressing in the gym.

    Great pics btw!

  2. Jon

    Hope it was a great, relaxing vacation. And what a body there, Damn :-). I’d love to know some of your tips, diet etc if you ever share.

  3. soft & fluffy

    Wow , no wonder you don’t have any problem yucking in the guys ! !
    btw , my brother who is very well traveled said that he could easily see himself retiring in Tuscany although I think he ought to check out Amalfi as well .

  4. Lou

    Absolutely stunning. I would buy a coffee table book of the photographer, especially if you were the model. I would not feel ashamed showing this to any of my friends or relatives. These are not just nudes, but photos of emotion, movement, feeling, and beauty. Congratulations on a great shoot.

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