Pornstars: Francois Sagat Stages a Comeback

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If you’re a red-blooded gay man who went through puberty anywhere between 2005 and 2012, you’ve probably watched a porno or two that starred hunky French pornstar Francois Sagat. Over the course of those years, he starred in 57 films, directed and produced two of those, and won four awards for his work.

When he retired from the porn industry in 2012, it was a sad day for those who loved him and his work. But now, just three months shy from the fifth anniversary of his retirement, Sagat makes a glorious return to the industry that made him a star. Zagat will star in MEN‘s three-part series, “Dream Fucker” scheduled to come out June 24th. Starring alongside Sagat, pornstars Paddy O’Brian and Sonny Colucci.

In a behind the scenes video posted on MEN’s Youtube channel, Sagat admits to feeling a little nervous about going back into porn, saying “After five years you’re nervous because it’s like sports — when you don’t practice, you lose.”

Sagat also revealed that he chose MEN as they were the best option cinematically and aesthetically, and that they had the “classical, sexy” guys that Sagat favors. In fact, Sagat proclaims that “the chemistry with the guys was amazing, can’t complain.”

Watch the behind the scenes video here:

Aside from his career in gay porn, Sagat has also appeared in s fashion magazines such as Loverboy Magazine, Satellite Magazine, C Homme, Dull Magazine, Instinct Magazine, and more. Sagat has also taken a stab at non-pornographic films, with roles in LA Zombie directed by Bruce LaBruce as well as Saw VI.

Any longtime Francois Sagat fans among our Adam4Adam readers? Are you excited about Francois Sagat’s return to gay porn? Who else would you like to see him partnered with? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Dallas

    That tattoo’d on hair though. Kills any sex appeal he had. Now I can’t look at him without laughing. Way to kill a boner.

  2. Mightypapa

    Not a fan of his tattoo scalp, but everything else is Hot about him!.
    Would love to see him in more non porn movies.

  3. John

    He is too damn hot and sexy regardless of the tattooed head. But MEN.COM movies are BORJNG!!! They have some hot guys, but all thier movies are with condoms. I want to see hot guys fucking raw, not covered in latex.

  4. Trent

    Don’t care about it at all. Too much talking. Hot interracial sweat fucking is much more appealing. Never interested in watching his movie. Just saying lol

  5. HunterWI

    He was smart to come back going against the usual.

    Porn is pretty much “suck and fuck”. It got “old” a long time ago. If your sex life is all about jacking off in front of a monitor, it’ “gets the job done”. Sagat would have been “just another piece of meat” had he chosen that type of script.

    On the other hand, if you’re into sessions where sex is relaxed, easy, sensual, and subtle, “Dream Fucker” is porn for you. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy “get ‘er done” sex. But I prefer longer slow sessions with guys I know and whose bodies I want to explore to find their hot buttons for later use. The clip for “Dream Fuckers” shows a few subtle moves I plan to add to the toolbox.

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