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Grooming : What Science Says About Beards

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Hi, guys! We have a question for you. Do you have a beard? If so, how has your facial hair affected your love life? Would you say your dating life has become significantly more colorful ever since you grew a beard or light stubble (whichever is applicable)?

There’s a study published in a journal called Evolution and Human Behavior that says guys with facial hair is perceived to be more manly. The New York Times quoted Barnaby Dixson—one of the researchers who conducted the study—as saying that both men and women view bearded men as someone who is “older, more masculine, generous, sincere, industrious, and self-confident.”

The respondents were shown images of clean-shaven men and men with stubbles (light, heavy, and full beard) and were asked about their preference for short and long-term partners. True enough, the results of their survey showed the hairier the man’s face is the more they are preferred as long-term partner by women and gay men alike. Women in general find those with heavy stubble the sexiest, followed closely by those with short stubble whereas those who were clean-shaven and with full beards were considered least sexy.

Men, on the other hand, reportedly prefer their partner to have beards similar to theirs but that is not to say these respondents are not willing to compromise their preference, they are.

Dixson further revealed that their research found facial hair to be associated with aggression and social dominance. Basically alpha male traits are seen as a must in order for a guy to “support family and fend off predators.” Read more about the research here.

Anyway, that being said, how true is this study for you? Do you get more attention when you have facial hair as opposed to when you are clean-shaven? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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    • Mike

      Wasn’t sure how to edit my own post so replying to it and add something else I find so sexy are shaved heads with hairy bodies and the nicely trimmed facial hair. I also know of a guy that looks like the one in the picture and I must say very nice.

  1. Frank

    I have a full beard, and love it!
    I have definitely received more attention from both men and women since I grew it out, I myself am more attracted to men with facial and body hair, and find it to be a real turn off when men shave their bodies and genital areas! Having a great beard is a lot of extra work and it needs to be clean and well groomed, if not it can be a turn off as well….GROW IT MEN!

  2. Fluffy

    I’ve had a beard (nicely kept and reasonably short) for half of my life , except for when I was unable to have one due to being in the military and later working for a company that was once able to deny them due to now discriminatory laws .

    Never made any difference whatsoever in my life at all as far as I can tell .

    If you’re an honest , sensible and loving person what’s on your face should make no difference at all .

  3. Jim

    I don’t have a beard, goatee, or mustache and never have. Matter of fact, I have never had an abundance of facial hair. I do shave every morning, and if I don’t the stubble makes me feel like my face isn’t clean. Personally I think men that are cleanly shaved are more likely to perceived as gay, and men with beards, etc, are more likely to perceived as bi or straight. However that’s, just my opinion or feelings. Facial hair says, “Hey, I’m a man and I can do manly tasks” On the other hand those with out facial hair as more perceived as wimps and viewed as not able to do heavy work, such as heavy lifting, climbing ladders, etc. As far as a sexual partner, I prefer a guy who is clean shaven, but I never rule out those that have a beard etc. Both types of men can be quite sexy, regardless of whether or not they have facial hair or not.

  4. jpowerhouse

    I used to be clean shaven with a full head of hair. My hair started thinning, so Ladt year I shaved my head and grew a goatee. I look much more masculine now and the number of gay men interested in me has increased exponentially. I’m still the same man, but I’m perceived by others much differently. I’m loving it!

    • Eric

      Watched the movie “What Now” and one of the characters shaved his head completely bald and transformed himself into a sexy guy. Is it a lot of work maintaining a shaved head and do you have problems with the sun?

      • Jpowerhouse

        Yes, it is a lot of hard work, but definitely worth it. It is more difficult for guys to accurately guess my age, which I both find amusing and actually like. If I’m out in the sun for an extended period of time I’ll wear a beanie, fedora, hoodie, or ball cap.

    • HunterWI

      Many guys. Almost all of my buds have facial hair. I have a goatee. During kissing, it’s great to swish whiskers on our upper lips. Running a bristly chin up and down a buds spine is great. They always seem to appreciate my gentle use of bristles on their cocks and balls during oral.

  5. Trent

    It’s really depend on the person. Some men look hot with some facial hair and some just don’t. I have a little kinky side in me I noticed lately. I love getting head (I mean good head) from man with some facial hair. I got one this past weekend and it was amazing

  6. tim

    i am clean shaven. but i love having sex with a man with a trim beard, or stubble. it’s so hot, dominating. to me. i love looking up into his eyes, and seeing that masculine,bearded,or stubbled face, from below. makes me hot.

  7. Kirt28202

    I can’t grow a beard, however, I do like a closely trimmed thick dark beard on a man. If it is long and mangy, it is down right nasty and is a sign the person is lazy and just don’t care. The two guys in the photos above need to trim theirs closer, for it to be sexy. If it is gray/salt and pepper, it’s gotta go.

    The only beard that should be untrimmed is the one between his legs.

  8. Walter

    I have a beard…. off and on. Haven’t had one for 18 months at least. I started it again in October… I love it. My wife ( female ) hates it…. my boyfriend loves it. Guess I’ll keep it a few more months.

  9. DylN

    I had a beard and got a lot of complements on it (some of my co-workers told me it hid my ugly face). I kept it trimmed perfectly. But I wake up at 3am to go to work. I don’t trust myself with a razor against my face that early not having a couple of cups of coffee. So off it went. Ppl didn’t realize it was me and told me to grow it back. I compromised. I grew a goatee. Never had one thought I’d give it a shot. The most complements I get are from the guys that I’m rimming. ESP a nice smooth ass then push that sharpened goatee into their ass. It’s orgazzzzmic! One kelt pushing back hard against my face. We were both loving it. The goatee stays.

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