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Hoods or masks were created to restrain your partner during sex. BDSM fanatics or even just your regular guy, use them to spice up their sex life. Whether it is to restrain your partner from seeing you with just the mouth exposed for your pleasure or simply a total mask, hoods and masks come in all shapes and fabrics.

This spandex and nylon open mouth hood has an extra padding blindfold that ensures that your slave can’t see anything. He can only wait to feel what’s about to happen to him. You can hogtie him and leave him on his knees waiting for your cock to press into his eager mouth. There are so many scenarios that are just better when he doesn’t know what to expect. (see photo below)




This leather hood is extremely controlling. It starts with the built in breathe-through ball gag that snaps into the front of the hood. If it’s not it tight enough, you can move the snaps. The hood is held on with a collar and laces up the back of the head for a snug fit. The detachable muzzle and blindfold are held in place with adjustable buckles, so you can cinch them up for the tightest fit. The end result is tight confinement of the wearer’s head. You can also remove the blindfold and mouth piece. (see pic below)



This bondage hood is designed to provide numerous ways to situate your partner for bondage play. The metallic eyelets around the eyes and mouth offer a stunning visual appeal while the ball gag ensures that they aren’t able to talk back to you.Β You can use the attached blindfold and gag to cover your partner’s eyes and keep their mouth stuffed. The hood closes using three locking buckles and the collar buckle includes 3 D-rings so you can attach a leash or any item that you wish. This one is definitely not for beginners!Β (see pic below)


So which type of mask/hood would you use or is it not your thing at all? The soft one, the middle one or the last one?

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  1. Hunter0500

    No thanks. Not sexy. Creepy. And with hooded horror stories in the news, scarey. For sure NEVER bondage with a guy I didn’t know very very well. And then, with a lot of hesistation.

    But if two or more guys are into it, all well and good. Their choice, of course.

  2. Marko

    Yea, I’m kinda along with Hunter on this one. Maybe I’m just showing how prudishly boring I really am.
    Sex to me is about building up to the nut, building pleasures up until I can no longer control what happens, as if the circuitry of my entire body, not just my cock is over loaded to the point that I spasm all over, Cum just happens to spray as I overload.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love jacking off, but I want to share with someone what I alone can’t achieve, and sharing and restraints aren’t hand in hand.

    You can’t rape the willing and the whole control thing for is a little overboard, at least in my mind, but hey to each their own.

    My father used to say you don’t have to condone something, but you don’t have to condemn it either.

    Just not my cup of tea.

  3. andyV

    Sorry but some of those look like breathing isn’t possible. One should never use these with anyone other than a known, trusted friend/partner. Both people must be on board with limits and safe words need to be established prior to any activity involving S/M or Bondage.

  4. GnRSM

    Just too Creepy.

    But, then again as the old song goes “Different Strokes for Different Folks”.

    IF this is your thing may the muse of your shared pleasure smile upon you both, as long as all involved are in of the same mind set.

    No still means No!

  5. Nick D

    Yeah, not my thing. I’m not an “Alpha” guy nor a Sub, but I’m not really into not seeing what’s going on. Way too claustrophobic. I’m in agreement with Hunter!

  6. John

    I second third fourth and fifth the notions. CREEPY. I wouldn’t be able to get hard for that. Those look like gas mask to me. THen again I’m pretty vanilla.

  7. Dudley

    It’s strange, while I sometimes enjoy being blindfolded, normally with some kind of a cloth. I find these hoods a little creepy and over the top.
    Not knowing what your partner is up to or going to do next is a turn on for me but I’d shy away from the hood

  8. Imallen

    I met a guy on here and after some emails we decided to meet. When I got to his home the door was open, I went in and on the stairs was a hood with very explicit instructions. I stripped down, put on the hood and called for him. When he came over he greeted me with a kiss then put his dick to my lips. After a brief taste he led me to his bed where I was bound, tormented & teased.
    One of the hottest encounters I’ve ever had.

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