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Hey guys, many of you reached out to me after seeing my last photos and wanting me to help them. I can certainly give you a few tips here but you have to keep in mind that everybody is different. Our percentage of fat is different, our age, our genetics, our height, weight, metabolism etc … So what applies for me doesn’t applies directly for you but It can guide you.

First of all, last fall, I started my “bulk” phase, where I had to eat lot’s of good food in order to gain good muscle mass. By good food I don’t mean yummy food, but food that is good for your body. Basmati rice, sweet potatoes, lot’s of green veggies, coconut oil, small fruits, chicken, horse, extra lean beef, turkey, olive oil, spinash, etc. I was eating close to 4200 calories a day, divided in 7-8 meals. Since it was winter I didn’t mind accumulating a little bit of fat, because in Canada’s cold season, I always wear sweaters and long pants. A little bit before spring, I started my summer diet. A diet because I like to look lean in a swimsuit and also because I have few contracts booked in NYC as a fitness model (underwear) and also few shoots with great photographers that I always dreamed of working with. Some of you said that I was very shallow because I paid too much attention to my body but my body generates part of my pay check, so yes, I have to be careful. Now, for my summer diet, I had to cut carbs in half (rice, sweet potato, fruits) while raising my good fats (avocado, almonds/nuts, coconut oil etc) to reach a certain caloric intake. Keep in mind that good fats also help you lose weight. I use carbs only as a tool to reach my caloric intake. So mainly I calculate my protein and fats and then the carbs will help me reach the numbers in order to gain or lose weight. 

My summer diet consists of eating this:

(cook all your meat with coco oil, I take unflavored coz I hate the taste of coco, olive oil when cooked is a BAD fat)

Meal 1: 200g red meat, 20 almonds, 1 cup of berries.

meal 2: 60g of lactose free 4% fat cheese, 20 nuts, 1 cup of veggies, 1 green tea

Meal 3: 220g of white fish, 120 g Basmati rice, 2 cups of green veggies, half avocado.

Meal 4: Shake: 1 scoop of protein, 2 big spoons of chia seeds, 10 nuts, 1 cup of berries.

Meal 5: 175g of chicken, 120 g Basmati rice, 2 cups of green veggies.

Meal 6: 1 cup of rice puffs cereals, half spoon of cinnamon, 1 scoop of protein

Post Workout shake: 2 scoops protein, 500ml of coco water and 1 big spoon of maple syrup.


Again, this is MY diet based on my weight, height, age, activity level, metabolism, fat %, etc etc… So don’t think that if you eat this you will be fit like me. But it can certainly guide you. As you can see there are no dairy products, no gluten (bread, pastas) not much fruits, just the good ones (anti-oxydants), no chips and coca cola, no sugar (except organic maple syrup after my workout). That’s my philosophy; organic, natural, healthy… Organic because I don’t want chemicals in my body and for the slightly higher price tag, my food ALWAYS taste better when organic. Try to eat organic strawberries vs regular strawberries for example, it’s day and night. I also shop for my food. Sometimes if my organic brocoli is 6$, I won’t buy it. but will eat more celery that week for example. When my brocoli is on sale, I’ll buy lot’s and all my recipes and salads will have brocoli in it. Same with coco water, sometimes 1L is $6, when on sale at $2.99, I buy 10. You need to be wise, because organic full priced food is usually more expensive.

If you want (I offer this service to friends and family members), I could create a special diet and exercise plan just for you, but I need to charge you for that, because it takes time and I need to calculate and I can’t do that for free for all 8 million members of A4A. Simply send me a email with age, height, weight, goals, how often you exercise weekly, allergies etc, and I will help you. Send me a email at (blog at adam4adam dot com). I can accept credit card and check.

Hope my post helped you guys to be on the right track with your diet. I’ll try to post regularly about food and fitness if you want. Would you like that?





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  1. Richard

    That all sounds wonderful but what about the rest of us. The average everyday living gay male. We dont have these fantastic lives that we can have perfect diets and perfect lives. We have to do the best we can with what fate handed us. And alot of us are bearing a heavy burden with everything. I think alot of gay men think that life is supposed to be all sweetness and light and its not. And thats where the big disappointments come in. Im a realist not a pessimist.

  2. Richard

    And you can add dealing with major health problems physically, mentally and emotionally. Alot of it has been brought on by the gay life. The horrible depression ive suffered a dog shouldnt have to suffer. Would I want to be straight? Hell no thats a fate worse than death. I dont see these issues being brought up. Everythings about youth and perfection. God help us.

  3. CHRIS

    Thanks for taking the time to do this, Dave. I’m wondering if the shake in meal 4 has a typo for the amount of Chia seeds? Two cups seems like a huge amount.

  4. mike

    i work out regularly but i just can’t take this approach to food. i enjoy food and cooking too much to embark on a soulless diet like this

  5. DerekX

    Is this the reverse of anorexia? I think when it comes to muscles, a lot of men have border-line, if not full-on eating disorders, n the same kinds of body image issues anorexic/bulemic women/men have. N who knows what the long term effects off force feeding are? Btw, this is a general statement n not at all directed at the article author.

  6. MistrFister

    All good advice, but here’s a tip from me…there’s no apostrophe in “lots,” the plural of “lot.” Misuse of apostrophes and confusion of “there,” “their” and “they’re” is “Palinesque,” at the least. Remember, we’re smarter than they are.

    • blog

      Cravenmoorhead: Yes bodybuilders, fitness people eat horse …
      It’s the leanest red meat and very high in protein.

  7. Kirt28202

    Good plan. I’m a hard gainer and am fortunate enough that I can incorporate a bit more fat into my diet. I have been working out 7-days (unless ill) a week for the past 30 years and learn something new everyday when it comes to diet. You have to start somewhere and find what works best for your body. In closing, I overheard a personal trainer tell his client that he eats a big mac whenever he wants. Not something I would admit to, but when you do exercise, a splurge day every now and then doesn’t hurt. Take care of your body and do it for yourself.

    • blog

      Chris, in Canada we eat horse and it’s not species that are endangered. It’s farm’s horse, like the beef that you eat every day. Except that horse is not full of steroids and hormones like the beef that you guys eat every day.

  8. Kyori2907

    Yes, Dave is correct. His diet DOES NOT necessarily WORKS for everyone as each individual has different response to their food intake. For me, I was 5’9″ with maxed 100lbs about 6 years ago and now I am averaging 130lbs-135lbs. I didn’t change my eating components (rice, vegetables, animal/vegetable protein, sugar, fat, etc), but I shuffle them and change the portion around. 3 years from now: BOOM a total 30-35lbs was gained. For you that would like to loose weight; start shuffling and changing your food portion around. Healthy food options are not always expensive and hard to prepare (I shopped at Whole Foods Market averagely spent about $50/week for a single guy). Plan your meal a few days ahead (like cooking for 3-4 portion of 1 – 2 different meal and portion them out and freeze them and pull as needed) if you’re a busy person; there are many recipes/meals that require less than 45 min to prep (Again, Whole Foods Market has lots of option for fresh cut bulk veggies at $5.99/lbs in my area). As for snack (again, if you cannot prepare it yourself), Whole Foods Market has lots of nuts/granola/dried fruit and nut mixes at affordable price or some 2/$5 healthy snack option (yogurt parfait, cut fruits, puddings, small salads w/dressing etc) for you to grab and go. (All of the WFM options above are based on what I have in my WFM area, some may not be available to WFM nearby to you)

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