Music : What Did You Think Of Katy Perry’s Show?


Katy Perry rattled through a medley of her hits during a 13 minutes concert that also included guest appearances from Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz. The performance ended with Perry singing “Firework” as actual pyrotechnics exploded above her head.

The US singer marked the occasion by having XLIX – the Latin numeral for 49, marking the 49th Super Bowl – tattooed on one of the fingers of her right hand. “I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight,” tweeted the singer.

The New York Times said she “held her own, navigating a handful of her smashes and three wardrobe changes in a performance that resisted bad mood”.

“Even if you weren’t a fan of Perry’s music, you had to be impressed with her spectacle,” agreed USA Today.

What did you think of the show?

I thought It was great. I love Katy, she is a great performer and I like her colourful world!


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  1. blackguy4real

    It was alright, wished to see more of Lenny though, but jumped out of my seat when Missy did her thing. Liked last year’s better though.

  2. Hunter0500

    The lion/tiger (depends upon who you talk to) prop was cool. The longer the performance ran, however, the flatter it all got. The music “was what it was” with nothing really dynamic. The live non-animated cartoon characters ran much longer than any interest they brought to the performance warranted. Not memorable or noteworthy, but not a disaster.

  3. Robb

    Another no talent showgirl.

    The show was great. The singing — not so much.

    So it was fun to watch, better than many others I have seen.

  4. Stephen

    Not into Katy perry at all-except for Her boobs. Liked seeing them jiggle a bit when she came out in the cheerleader outfit-not nearly enough though. The thought of her having a big dick under her dresses is what really turns me on…lol!

  5. Duketry my best to

    I try my best to avoid Super Bowl halftime shows if at all possible. They are hokey and totally artificial for the most part. Luckily, I was able to avoid this one entirely. So, really, I have no opinion worth sharing. I guess I just like to give input, even though it’s irrelevant.

  6. Sparks811

    I’m sad I missed Missy Elliott she’s always been a favorite and wondered what happened to her. YouTube can’t grant me the same experience others had. I was on the bus to join friends for a drink

    Oh well today is my birthday hahaha can’t complain

  7. Kirt28202

    I thought her performance was great. I applaud Katy Perry, all of the artists, dancers and those that made that tiger walk. Just glad there were no malfunctions in the air and on the ground.

  8. sandsurfer

    The opening was great. But the beach scene left out Sponge Bob and Patrick. Overall I was dissapointed in her act. The others were good.

  9. Gentlemannrsm

    Nothing to write home about…
    But the last two minutes of The Game OMG!!! What was the Seahawks thing at the 1/2 yard line and 2 time outs remaining.

  10. Tristan

    The whole shebang was more like background noise than anything else – since I’m not a fan of Katy, I was prepared to be unimpressed. I was surprised, though, by the number of songs of her that I actually knew. Still not overly impressed, though. Maybe it’s a generational thing, since I’m in my early 60s. Oh, well…

  11. Dave

    I thought it was very enjoyable. There is only so much variety that can be accomplished within 10 minutes. Katy, Lenny and Missy all did a fine job, the A/V work was done well, and there were no apparent glitches.
    Overall, I liked it.

  12. Desert

    I loved Katy Perry’s half time show! Katy does fun right. Lenny was great…..and great eye candy too! Missy Elliot was lost on me, as I don’t know a thing about her and rap, but she was fun to watch.
    Beach scene was lots of fun. Colors of Katy’s costume reminded me of Hot Dog On A Stick uniforms. Who doesn’t like corn dogs and lemonade? Dancing sharks doing their own thing, dancing palm trees and beach balls…lots of fun!

    Perfect ending to a great show….Fireworks and Fireworks!

    Would be nice to see Katy kick another goal!

    Thanks Katy!!!!

  13. Oklahoma

    Very good visuals. Katy Perry has a good voice & I like her popular songs but I’m not a big fan of her live performances. Missy was the highlight of the show.

  14. Bruce

    I have to agree with Hunter …. The opening act with the lion/ tiger was impressive and then just so, so after that. However the fireworks conclusion seemed to be an appropriate ending!

  15. LT

    Katy Perry’s over all halftime performance was dry. She could have tightened that up. My highlight was Lenny Kravitz, and Missy was a good twist. But they out shined the Headliner. And that should never happen!

  16. tman

    The beginning and the end were the best parts….the rest fell flat….i liked that she sang live but some spots seemed lip synched as well……Lenny shd have had more to do and although i like Missy….her part seemed like a what the hell. Moment……it didn t fit into Perry s vibe so the mixture was odd to me…….Madonn a show was yawn boring… far i liked Beyonce s show the best but Katy did own more of the space given i felt

  17. Adam

    Pretty boring, I like her music, but everything was old, and played out, including what Lenny and Missy did, nothing new. Lucky for everyone there was so much back up music you could barely hear Katy try to sing. The best part was that lion. Katy has fun pop music. For the men, a pretyy face, big boobs and nice legs. You can tell she eats healthy.

  18. JC

    Not a fan, but she did have some impressive props. Good thing because she needed to prop up her voice with something, anything. Without the magic of a studio, she is just a mediocre singer. Would probably not have earned a ticket to Hollywood on American Idol.

    I liked Bruno Mars last year much better. His performance was more about the music, not theatrics. His star rose quite a bit that night. Perry, not so much.

  19. Jfr Jeff

    Couldn’t care less about football or the shitty throwaway music of Katy Perry, who just seems like an overgrown 13-year-old.

  20. rwmeeker

    Was there an issue with the sound system? I thought supposedly Katy Perry was a performer. Not a show stopping performance. Very lame. I had to switch the chanel. It was embarrassing and since I don’t like football there was nothing to keep me interested. Unfortunately, I didn’t like Lenny either. Disgusting when Katy backsided him and then on her knees.

  21. Aaron

    I looked up Katy’s live performances before the halftime show and basically, except for her Firework performance for the Victoria Secret show, Katy makes up for her awful live singing, flat, out of tune notes and struggling range with lots of pyrotechnics, giant set pieces and heaps of dancers. She knows how to put on a show but I was expecting Kenny and Missy to have to carry the show.

    I was surprised to find out that I enjoyed hearing her sing, hit the right notes and generally have fun. I want the dancing sharks to follow me around all day. Kenny Kravitz could have just stood there for all I care that man is the sex. And Missy Elliot rocked my world like always. Overall I enjoyed it.

  22. Dennis

    Never watch the half time show….Love the game…but I prefer my concerts in a much smaller arena…so you can see and feel the show….Like Bett Midler at the Continental Baths….which I did see….

  23. Simon

    It was an amazing show, much better then years past I think. I got goosebumps during firework. Katy was dazzling, Lenny Kravitz was great, but Missy Elliot looked amazing. Great show.

  24. ScottF

    I actually thought this was one of the better Super Bowl halftime performances — probably the best one I’ve seen in at least 15 years. I wanna know how the hell Katy changed outfits between numbers so fast . . . and she did it three times! The only negative I have about the show was the fact that she brought a guy in to sing “I Kissed a Girl” with her; I guess Arizona and the NFL wasn’t ready to let her do the song by herself, not wanting to deal with any potential lesbian issues later.


    Well, it was the highest rated show ever of all time in history with 114 Million viewers, 9.5 Million viewers in Canada. As for the Katy Perry Romper Room show, I thought she was putting on a show for kindergarteners with the dancing dolphins and beach balls, and that cheesy cheap flame costume as she tried to dance but couldn’t. Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravitz were awesome wanted to see more of them.

  26. goldenloverinmym

    more lip-sync crapola wouldn’t waste a nickel to listen to her or missy should have had Lenny tear up that guitar for the show like Stephen said in a thong mmmm i’d pay to see that

  27. EJ

    All these people slamming Katy Perry for her performance…yeah….I want you to go out there in front of 30million fans and belt one out. Aside from that, the NFL has final say in planning a prep for the show, so the dancing dolphins the flying “the more you know” star was not only part of her show, but also part of the planning committee

  28. Dave

    Ok. If you’ve seen Katy perform once, there were no real surprises during the Super Bowl. Colorful, peppy, and lively. I’d still prefer to see and hear a music act that can just blows us away with their vocal talent and not just by the performance.

  29. Michael

    Katy is a media made personna. She cannot dance…Uses pagentry and glitz to work her way through and surrounding elements. Not impressed. All cookie cutter. Though she does have guts riding that step….she is just another media made idol worshipped clone. She has a voice…but again made by commercialism. She is no Madonna or even Britanny Spears. Even J-lo can’t dance…just poses with photos taken when her booty shakes…same goes for Katy…boobs…and I’m sure silicone at that. People need to quit worshipping other people. Kathy is a human being with some talent…the gays worhip this commercialism along with the big dicks…shameful. No offense Katy….

  30. Steve

    I really like Katy and through the excessive background sounds, audience, etc. I could hear bits and pieces of her hits ….and yes, Missy was a nice part of the show… all in all, if you enjoy spectacles, and I do, but maybe not so much music you can sing along with, and some effects and showmanship that was entertaining, then yes this halftime show was better than most. BUT… for me, the best performance was Idina Mendel’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner….. gave me goose bumps

  31. Brad

    It was a good show if you were a 13 year old girl. It wasn’t quite right for a Super Bowl crowd. However, the dancing sharks were way cool.

  32. ddarealone

    I was not disappointed because I did not expect much from perry in the first place. She has no stage presence like Janet or Madonna or even Beyonce. Missy was the break out star there. Perry show was caried by her props and not her presence. There was no anticpation. I think its sad how they are calling these new crop of microwave girls divas. Music is not moving or fun any more this is why pharell hit happy was so big. Not much of todays music evokes true emotions. It is all about getting semi nude and less talent.

  33. Franky54

    It was festive. Legend, Kravitz, Elliot and headlining Perry. It was 4 A lister’s on one stage together. I thought some of the costuming and sets were way overdone; but I had one big smile when it was all over.

  34. Hiredhandchris

    Amazed at some of the negative comments on here regarding this year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show. Have watched just about every Super Bowl half time production over the years, and Katy Perry’s effort this year was the most creative and most entertaining of any of them. Absolutely spectacular.

  35. MiHKAL

    The music itself was bland and generic. The vocals may have been somewhat okay except whatever she did with her voice electronically was just terrible. With that being said, it is top of the line as far as current pop music goes.

  36. erh963

    Lol, it was like watching a “Nickelodeon” awards show. Really, dancing palm trees & sharks? I did like her entrance on the tiger 🙂 That’s about it 🙁

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