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Hi guys, many of you already know that I sing, but I have a dream to record my first album in 2015. Since I’m a kid, I always dreamed of being a singer. I was singing in the church choir, doing singing contests around the country, getting singing lessons with the best coaches….but to have a back up plan in my life, I studied Business. I ended up working in that field all my life to pay my bills!

At 32 years old, I want to focus on my first love, music, by creating my first original songs album. And this is where you can help me. I’m actually writing the songs with musicians and friends who believe in my talent, but recording an album requires money for Recording Studio time, musicians and technicians. You can donate few dollars to contribute and help me producing my album (if you like my voice or believe in my talent) by going to my social campaign page on Indiegogo. You will also be able to listen to my first cover demo and see a full description of the project.

All the money will go to pay the studio expenses: Musicians, technicians, equipment etc. The more money we get, the nicer the album will be. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to hire a full choir or a string quartet or to record the first single’s music video? Every dollar will help!

The music industry is changing a lot. Many pop singers can’t even sing. They are just an image! Thank god for Adele, Sam Smith, Emeli Sande and few others for keeping real music, real instruments and real voices without autotune alive. This is exactly the direction I’m heading to. So by supporting me, you will support music and art.

10,000$ is a lot of money of course, but if ย 1000ย A4A membersย give 2$, 5$, 20$, ย we’ll be able to come out with something amazing of a world class caliber. If we don’t get this amount, I won’t give up! Many of you know me, I don’t give up easily. I’ll record the album anyways. I might be of less quality, but it will come out, that is 100% sure!

I asked A4A owner if I could post this here and he accepted, so thanks to my boss and A4A for allowing this!

Check out my campaign page to raise money and thanks for your help guys!

Oh and if you can’t help financially, I totally understand, it is not everyone who can afford that. But you can surely help me by spreading the word. On my page under the video, there is a share link for Facebook and twitter, just click on it!

Thanks soooo much guys, I can’t wait to show you the result!


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  1. TOMG

    Do you have any social media clips where people can view you talent? Adele and Justin Bieber first got attention on social media sites so it can work. Plus it would definitely help if people could see you sing live and uncensored so we can judge your talent to decide it we want to contribute to your album costs.

  2. joey

    Dave, I just listened to your song, I enjoyed it. I would try networking with musician’s and singers to get more experience and possibly even find help for your first album. Good for you wanting to do something with your god given talent. As you can see here with some of these rude selfless responses, they have no ambition to even try to achieve there dreams. It is much easier putting someone else down then to work on themselves to try and be happy in this life. Good Luck with your project, I know you will do it, it might take a little time, but you are young and ambitious. You will learn a lot along the way, if you havn’t already.

  3. YoungbloodG

    I have to wonder if there would be this sort of response from guys on here if the handsome young singer in question was a classical musician, rather than a pop singer. I’m thinking the response would just be crickets.

  4. Justice

    Dave, OMGosh!!!!! You are amazing! The Whitney Houston tribute was CRAZY! I really liked “Say Something” but was unsure it was you as I listened to it first. NOW there is no doubt, you are EXTREMELY talented. I’d like to see/hear an original. Thank you for sharing more of your gifts with us.

  5. Michael

    Great voice…if ever you are in Chicago lets meet so that we can maybe sing a duet together. I am just starting out doing the same thing!

  6. Maury Portillo

    hello cute I believe in your talent and I know u can do it as you see I sing to and I have a album that I just record well some of my songs are a little crazy but in this life you have to be your self.just believe in you and u will see doors will be open for u soon take care friend and keep me in contact ok.

    Maury Portillo.

  7. Bob

    damn, the whitney cover showcased your talents a lot more than the say something clip. you may want to put this on your campaign page. the whitney cover was awesome. have you ever thought of auditioning for the voice or the like? you’d probably go far and get a lot of exposure that way.

  8. dean

    i had an uncle with great talent like yours. he did well at weddings, family events, etc. and brought smiles to many people’s faces. don’t let all the negative comments get you down. wishing you lots of luck.

  9. Joe

    I hate the “encourage a GAY singer” how about encouraging a hard working singer that is a good man that is needing a boost to go to the next level. I do not care about sexuality. There are gay men that are assholes that I will never ever support or encourage

  10. Douglas Dean

    I’m hoping that you are at least aware that there are any number of pc computer programs that do multi track recordings. Heck some of them are free like Audacity & Fruity Loops. It’s a REAL good way to do demo’s & lay down track ideas. With one of those and a good usb mic a LOT of indie bands put together their first recordings that are pretty great without having to spend or raise a ton of cash.

    My buddies & I do this fairly frequently and then have the ability, when we’re not together to jam, to be able to add to tracks & flesh out song ideas. Then put them up on facebook or soundcloud.

    Now of course like all things you get what you pay for. The more you spend on a good mic the better but $100 buys a pretty decent one. The recording studio suites are the same deal BUT the free ones are actually quite nice and a GREAT way to learn how to record/layer/master, etc.

    Hope this points you in a productive path if you were unaware of how good home recording is these days. Especially given how expensive studio time can run.

  11. Harrison

    Loved the Whitney Houston cover. In case you don’t remember who I am, I commented on a previous music blog of yours. I haven’t made much progress in making my music due to personal issues at home. I would like to keep in contact with you so we could share creative ideas, if that’s ok?

  12. Devon

    Way to SHINE evil bitter queens of the Adam4adam blog… Because this “community” is all about insulting and belittling others to make yourself feel better, people like Deje and Mike can’t be bothered to even keep their mouth shut instead of being nasty. This isn’t necessarily my favorite style of music or singing, but it’s obvious that David sings in tune, in time, and without a plethora of gimmicks to create a sound that doesn’t exist in the real voice. I “do” music as my profession and agree with YoungbloodG that this would probably never get any attention if I was classical, but that’s no reason to be worse than bitchy middle school girls to a young man who is taking a chance by putting himself out there. Is it “good” or “bad” to create a market for yourself through your sexuality? Who gives a damn? We’re at a point when it doesn’t matter and instead, he’s just being upfront and honest about who he is. That, my dear cunts, is something that many of you desperately need to learn for yourselves.

  13. StormofOdin

    He has a lot more talent than you faceless morons who feel the need to attack someone because of your own pathetic insecurities.

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