Photography : Your Favorite Athletes In The Nude



ESPN celebrates athletes at the top of their physical game with its annual ‘Body Issue’. Included in this year’s edition are talents ranging from Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and Australian yachtsman Jimmy Spithill to soccer player Omar Gonzalez. The athletes pose nude for ESPN and dish on how staying fit is important to their sport. Gonzalez shares, “If I get too muscular, I won’t be able to move as well. I like being a little smaller up top and a bit more agile for my height. I have to be able to change direction a lot. Maybe I’ll bulk up when I’m done with soccer, but I’ll probably just end up getting fatter and enjoying my downtime.”

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jimmy-spithill-sailing-nude-800x528 larry-fitzgerald-football-player-nude-800x528 marshawn-lynch-football-nude michael-phelps-swimming-nude-800x1008 omar-gonzalez-soccer-nude-800x599 prince-fielder-baseball-player-nude-800x1021 serge-ibaka-basketball-player-nude-800x991 tomas-berdych-tennis-nude

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  1. Frankie_wills

    These guys r HAWT!!! Tho it does make me feel like I need to work out at the gym instead spending so much of it in the locker room lol Not a big fan of tan lines but then again my eyes can’t look away! S/O to the baseball hottie who’s representing the non-A-type of physique.i love the body issue. Hot is HAWT!

  2. Exit173

    Beautiful pics of the male body and all, but they’re “hiding” the best-viewed part! Come on … why does THAT have to be so secretive??????

  3. Anthony

    I find these photos very tastefully done. I glad the magazine chose to feature all different body types as society often times try to suggest that a larger/skinny body is not the ideal for a man. Realistically, I perfer the ‘whole’ guy rather than just the ‘parts’ anyway.

  4. muzyqman

    TEASE! The headline said “in the nude” so each one of us anticipated a glimpse of at least one cock. And you showed us no more than we could see on the beach! Shame on you for teasing.

  5. bimusclebear

    Very hot but they look castrated and feminized. There are some missing parts, The male form in all its glory should be shown and celebrated.

  6. PretenderNX01

    Michael Phelps is kinda odd looking yet I’m always so turned on by him. Slippery when wet, I guess. Love the tanline 😉

  7. Hunter0500

    This for me is about as exciting as looking at girls’ boobies in Playboy at 11 years old. Hey the guys are all great looking but the hooplah is a bit juvenile. If it floats your boat, enjoy the voyage.

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