Sex Toys: Are you a size Queen ?

New additions to the toystore this month, the biggest and burliest cocks you will ever see in your life!

First of all there is the Black Destroyer.

Weighting in at 4.5 pounds, the Black Destroyer is a heavyweight in the world of huge dildos. If you can take its head, you can slide down 14 inches before you hit balls. Standing at full height, it’s 16 inches tall from tip to suction cup. That suction cup is actually strong enough to support this monster, even when stuck to a vertical surface. Just make sure that you don’t pull any tiles off your wall while riding this thing!


Another huge one would be the Titan.

Can you accept the challenge to “bottom out” with this huge titan dildo? The Titan has a realistic look from the cock head and veins to the balls at the base. This jelly rubber toy measures a gaping 17″ in total length and circumferences of 12.5″ (Base of Head), 11.25″ (Mid Shaft) and 11″ (Base of Shaft).

Are you willing to try? Have you ever tried it? Click here if you want to try!



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  1. David

    these two toys sound like fun. these are hot and sexy, I would love to try them and have my hole stretched with these

  2. Jason

    I could not use such a thing but I always wanted to buy one and put it on my coffee table. You know, as a conversation piece.

  3. Soft & Fluffy

    I think I’d rather have a colonoscopy than fck with those ‘toys’ .. haha

    At least you have some control over these things as opposed to some out of control stud …

  4. Dez

    Oh Yes!! Nothing like lovin’ from a well endowed black piece and a black man too LOL! My man has made great love to my sweet white ass with his tool and when he away, i have my own personal tool to keep me satisfied until he returns with the real thing! Like they say, once you go Black, you never wanna go back!

  5. S.W.

    I have taken the Titan in my ass!! What a feeling!! You feel as though you are going to be split open and cum, all at the same time!!

  6. Thom

    Nope. I have a nice comfortable 8″ u/c toy and it works fine for me. It’s realistic, it keeps me open *enough* without making me sloppy, fills and fits all the right places and hits the happy spots.

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