Sex Toys: Gift Suggestions for Valentine’s Day !

Hey guys, Valentine’s Day is comming very soon, so here are few toys suggestions for you and your lover ! Just click on the highlighted names to be redirected to our toystore !

-This is one of my fave : the Cockfight Double Stroker.  It’s a great couple’s toy masturbator and is very fun !

-For anyone interested in experimenting with some dominance and submission play, I’d really suggest this leather blindfold or this cheaper version – shown below. Anyone trying to top in a BDSM sense who’s not really confident may be a lot more confident knowing that his sub can’t see him. His sub has the anticipation of not being able to see what happens. So things go from awkward hesitation to building suspense.

-The Bedroom Bondage section is a great place for couple toys. There are sex positioning devices, light playful restraints, and the ever awesome Bedroom Restraint Kit (shown below).


-Valentines is also a good time to play with different kinds of lubes for different sensations. Maybe something like this desensitizing lube for experimenting a little ambitiously, or this hot cream or even the flavored lube for a great and tasty option.

-Also, if you get a cool new cock ring, penis extender, or piece of penis jewelry, you can give it to your partner using the “dick in the box” method !!

Have fun, be safe !


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