sex toys: prostate stimulators

Have you ever tried a prostate stimulator ? We have many different ones in our toystore and here are our best sellers :

The Aneros is the prostate stimulator that started it all. It was designed as a medical device to improve prostate function, and regular use for prostate massage can improve overall sexual function. On top of all that, it’s small enough for any man. So if your top is looking for a little extra stimulation while he pounds away at you, this is so easy to slip and let rock against his prostate.

We’ve been really thrilled at how the Cheeky Boy has caught on. It’s already risen to our one of our best selling prostate stimulator. As a successor to our popular Rude Boy, it features the same powerful vibrations and quality silicone, but makes insertion more fun with its anal bead style design.

Try them and let us know if you like !


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  1. Chris Wolfe

    I’m a top, but I let a bottom use the Rude Boy on me. Holy shit! Best orgasm ever. I’m now considering becoming vers.

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